A New Milestone: Qilun Group Inc. Gets Listed on OTC Markets U.S. (QLUNF)

New York, July 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qilun Group (stock symbol: QLUNF) recently announced that it has officially become a publicly traded company on the OTC Markets in the U.S. starting June 29, 2023. This is a noteworthy achievement for the company, which makes Qilun Group the only Chinese organization focused on Chinese culture and oriental art products to be listed on the U.S. market in the last three years. The listing showcases Qilun Group’s remarkable growth in various aspects, including the standardization of its governance structure, the exploration of additional funding channels, the expansion of the scale of operations, the adoption of technological innovation, and the fulfillment of its social responsibilities.

Founded in 2021, Qilun Group is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and enriching lives through art and technology. The company’s diverse range of businesses includes oriental auspicious artworks, cultural and creative products and the curation and distribution of oriental classical philosophy books. The company is also actively engaged in core business areas such as the Oriental Institute for Dream and Strategic Studies, and Wondrous Dreamworld, a digital platform for integrated mental health services. Qilun attaches great importance to Chinese culture, with culture and art being the key aspects that define the company.

Over the past decade, Chinese culture has increasingly been incorporated into internet products, giving rise to various forms of cultural intellectual property (IP), content IP, and cross-sector collaborations. Groundbreaking re-creations of Chinese culture have the potential to create a significant impact on both international and domestic markets. With the support and implementation of ongoing policies, industries centered around Chinese culture are poised to become leaders in market trends and exert a strong influence on future socio-economic development.

Qilun Group’s listing on the OTC markets has boosted the confidence of numerous cultural enterprises. This milestone signifies a new phase of development for the company, with more standardized management and an enhanced profit model that will increase investor trust. As a public company, Qilun Group will gain the trust of investors and third-party institutions, expanding its financing options and opportunities for further asset appreciation. The Group strives to bring more pleasant surprises in the future and make further contributions to benefit everyone.

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