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AgriEID announces upgrades to comprehensive livestock management suite featuring premium cattle tags, smart NLIS readers, cattle scales and advanced software.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, July 6, 2023/ — In a move that is set to revolutionise the livestock management industry, AgriEID, Australia’s leading provider of livestock management solutions, proudly announces the release of its comprehensive livestock management suite. This package combines the best of breed cattle tags, NLIS tags, Smart NLIS Readers, digital farm software suite, and next-generation cattle scales to deliver a truly integrated solution for farmers.

The suite’s foundation is built on AgriEID’s ultra-durable custom cattle tags and electronic NLIS tags, setting the industry standard in durability and reliability. With increased readability and an extended lifespan, these tags offer an optimal solution for farmers looking to simplify and streamline herd identification processes.

To complement the sophisticated tagging solution, AgriEID introduces the NLIS Smart Reader, an unprecedented tool that offers superior reading speed and accuracy. The reader’s integration with AgriEID’s complete digital farm software enables instantaneous retrieval of individual animal profiles as soon as an animal’s EID tag is read, revolutionising livestock management.

The NLIS Smart Reader is part of an integrated system where hardware and software are harmonised for operational simplicity and efficiency. The proprietary software, auto-calculates individual and group average daily weight gain. This data-driven approach provides farmers with comprehensive insights, empowering them to enhance overall herd performance and ultimately, boost farm profitability.

Complementing this revolutionary software is the launch of AgriEID’s next-generation cattle scales, which have been improved with superior load cells for greater accuracy. The scales, when used in conjunction with the AgriEID software, can provide more accurate average weight readings and calculations, further strengthening the suite’s capability.

“Our comprehensive livestock management suite is more than just a collection of tools. It’s a revolution in livestock management. The fusion of high-quality cattle tags, NLIS tags, the Smart Reader, advanced software, and next-gen cattle scales provides an unmatched, holistic solution for farmers of all scales, enhancing efficiency and productivity.” stated the CEO of AgriEID.

The amalgamation of these powerful tools within AgriEID’s suite reflects the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the industry, offering a blend of advanced technology and everyday farming practicality. AgriEID’s aim is to equip all small to medium sized farmers, with the same efficiency and data management capabilities that were once only within reach of large-scale operations.

“With our comprehensive livestock management suite, we are taking a giant leap forward in technology that reflects the evolving face of farming,” added the CEO. “We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable solutions that drive real transformation in the industry.”

Comprising this suite is an array of carefully designed, meticulously engineered tools intended to optimise farm operations. The enhanced cattle tags and NLIS tags, made more durable and readable, simplify the tracking and management of livestock. They are more resilient, ensuring that farmers don’t have to worry about tag failures or replacements, allowing them to focus on critical tasks that directly impact their bottom lines.

The Smart NLIS Reader is the culmination of superior hardware technology and software engineering, bringing speed, accuracy, and efficiency to a device that is at the heart of our livestock management solution. Its powerful antenna, faster reading processor, and seamless bluetooth connectivity with AgriEID’s proprietary software suite combines to form an indispensable tool that is in tune with the needs of today’s farmers.

AgriEID’s updated software, designed with usability and productivity at its core, redefines livestock data management. Its capacity to calculate individual and group average daily weight gain, paired with a user-friendly interface, equips farmers with a tool that not only simplifies data collection but also makes sense of this data. This sophisticated software platform, paired with the hardware solutions in the AgriEID range, transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling farmers to make informed decisions that optimise their operations and profitability.

The launch of AgriEID’s next-generation cattle scales marks another significant milestone in the suite’s arsenal. These scales offer improved accuracy and durability, ensuring that weight measurements are accurate and reliable. These updated scales provide farmers with an invaluable resource to monitor livestock weight, an essential indicator of health and productivity. The integrated software can then analyse these weights to provide insights on herd performance.

The components of this comprehensive suite are part of a broader vision at AgriEID, one that sees advanced technology as a means to enhance farming operations, regardless of scale. The suite is a physical manifestation of this vision, combining the best of technology and practicality to provide a comprehensive solution that optimises efficiency, drives productivity, and ultimately, maximises profitability.

By offering this holistic suite at an unprecedented price point, AgriEID is democratising access to advanced farming tools, ensuring that small and medium-sized farmers can leverage the same level of technology as their larger counterparts. It’s a commitment that reflects the company’s ethos – a commitment to deliver high-quality, affordable solutions that transform farming operations.

“We believe in the power of technology to drive change in the farming sector,” CEO added. “With this comprehensive suite, we’re not just providing tools, we’re enabling transformation. We’re giving farmers the resources they need to optimise their operations, maximise their profits, and secure a sustainable future for the land under their care.”

AgriEID’s comprehensive livestock management suite is more than just a product. It’s a commitment to the farming community, a commitment to drive change, to enhance productivity, and to shape the future of farming.

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AgriEID, Australia’s leading provider of livestock management solutions, is at the forefront of innovation in the farming sector. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between advanced technology and everyday farming, delivering cutting-edge, affordable solutions that enhance farm efficiency and profitability.

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