Army Veteran, Trump Appointee Wayne Johnson Qualifies to Run For Congress In 2nd District Republican Primary

Johnson will again be traveling all 30 counties in the district in his truck wrapped with “Stop the Stupid in Washington.”

Dr A. Wayne Johnson

We Must ‘Stop the Stupid in Washington’ , after what we have all witnessed coming out of Washington and are experiencing everyday, it is clear that it is more relevant today than ever before.”

— Dr A. Wayne Johnson

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2024 / — Life-long Macon resident Dr. Wayne Johnson today filed his qualifying papers to run in the Republican primary from Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District.

Johnson is a former Army officer, a successful businessman, a farmer and was appointed by President Donald Trump as a senior official with the U.S. Department of Education where he worked closely with the White House.

Johnson, who ran strong in the 2022 primary, was born in Macon and has been a lifelong resident of Georgia. He is a father and grandfather and has been married to his wife, Joy, for 50 years. He obtained his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Mercer University and his master’s in business from Emory University.

Johnson is a respected former banker who has established businesses in Middle and Southwest Georgia, other parts of Georgia and internationally. He has enjoyed both cattle and tree farming and has worked for major corporations with ties to Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District. Johnson has been a rock-solid conservative for decades, is pro-life and is a serious gun owner.

“My message has been and will continue to be that we must “Stop the Stupid in Washington” and address the kitchen table issues impacting every family in our district,” said Johnson. “After what we have all witnessed coming out of Washington and are experiencing in our everyday lives, it is clear that this focus is more relevant today than ever before.”

Johnson will again be traveling all 30 counties in the district in his truck wrapped with “Stop the Stupid in Washington.” Along the way he will be listening to the needs of people as well as carrying the message that he is a problem solver who can marshal resources from Washington for the benefit of citizens of Middle and Southwest Georgia. He promises to be first and foremost committed to the hard-working people of the district.

“It’s very straightforward for me,” Johnson said. “Everyone in Washington can see the problems, but our representatives have made a political art of only identifying problems. I am a problem solver, someone who has spent his whole life as a problem solver.

“The disconnect between what is going on in Washington and what is happening in Middle and Southwest Georgia is much worse than it was two years ago. People do not feel properly represented anymore. I want to change that, by doing the things that bring resources and jobs to the people, businesses and farms in the 2nd District.”

Johnson says the kitchen table issues he discussed in 2022 are more important now than ever, Johnson believes the cost of everything is higher than it was two years ago. Looking at the weekly budget around the kitchen table is stressful as you look at the cost of gas, food and the basic needs of living. We are forcing families to choose food over medicine, and that must change.

Like most Republicans, Johnson, who lived near the border with Mexico and saw up-close the impact of illegal immigration on local communities, says simply, “The border needs to be closed and order restored.”

Johnson’s service and his love for the military began in the Junior ROTC program at Lanier High School in Macon and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. Johnson went to Mercer University under Army ROTC for four years. In his final year at Mercer, he was named the ROTC Outstanding Cadet, which gave Johnson the choice of duty station assignment and choice of Army branch assignment.

Johnson was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army – serving on active duty in Texas, Alaska and Georgia. His initial branch assignment was the Army Medical Service Corps. Johnson served in Alaska as an officer on the staff of Norman Schwarzkopf.

After Alaska, Johnson was stationed at Fort McPherson in Atlanta, serving under Gen. Colin Powell. Powell, like Johnson, was commissioned through the Army ROTC program. Johnson continued to be active in the U.S. Army Reserve after serving four years on active duty.

“I am proud of my service to my country, as both an Army Officer and as part of the Presidential Executive Branch of our nation’s government,” said Johnson. “The military, along with being an Eagle Scout, taught me the importance of being disciplined in everything I do, doing the right thing and treating people with respect.”

There are a host of additional issues that Johnson believes needed to be addressed to ‘Stop the Stupid in Washington.”

Farmers need water and workers. During his earlier run for Congress Johnson heard time and time again from farmers the importance of being able to access deep-water irrigation. Unfortunately, deep water wells are expensive. This has led Johnson to develop a plan for financing this type of irrigation over 40 years, making this type of irrigation much more affordable. Another area of need that Johnson heard repeatedly from farmers was for immigrant farm workers to have long term farm work visas. This is an area where Federal law must be enacted, and Johnson will work diligently to advance Congressional action in this regard.

Education must be driven at the state and local levels by parents. As a senior official within the U.S. Department of Education, Johnson learned first-hand how Federal education policy and Federal funding related to education can be weaponized against parents and is being used to indoctrinate school attending children. Johnson believes that this situation must change and accountability to conservative values enacted. As a member of Congress, Dr. Johnson will cause serious consideration to be given to abolishing the U.S. Department of Education.

National Debt – The national debt is approaching $33 trillion, and it will handicap our children and grandchildren when they must pay the bill. Having been responsible for managing $1.7 trillion in student loan debt, Johnson is the only candidate who is able to speak with authority on this critical issue.

Workers are needed and people need jobs. Companies are desperate for people with skills and people are desperate for high wage-earning jobs. What is missing are training programs. Johnson has been a job creator his entire career. He can get it done.

Our First Responders face significant challenges when it comes to recruiting and paying qualified staff. Johnson will propose a federal program to support increased pay and establishing retirement plans for law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.

Rural healthcare needs help. Many people in the 2nd District cannot afford the gas to drive to the nearest medical facility. As the previous owner of more than 20 healthcare facilities, Johnson knows how to work to improve funding for rural healthcare and ambulance services.

A correct census count is essential to rural counties in the 2nd District, and that did not occur in 2020 when the census was done. The result of an undercount is the money lost by these counties, money they cannot afford to lose. In Quitman County, estimates are that half of the people living there were not counted in the 2020 census. Johnson understands the issue and will work to ensure that the next census is done correctly. In the interim, Johnson will look to reopen the 2020 census in rural counties where the undercount seems obvious.

Your Vote Matters

The Georgia primary, which includes the Republican congressional primary in the 2nd District, occurs on May 21. Early voting for the primary begins April 29 and ends May 17.

“I am asking for your vote in the Republican primary on May 21 and in the general election in November,” said Johnson. “Together, let’s ‘Stop the Stupid in Washington.’ ”

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