Breedbooks: Revolutionizing Small-Scale Agriculture with Agritourism
Breedbooks: Revolutionizing Small-Scale Agriculture with Agritourism

Our passion is to help every small farm be a prosperous and successful venture”

— Jay Reeder, the founder of Breedbooks

CORNELIA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2024 / — The dawn of a new era in agriculture is marked by the launch of Breedbooks, a groundbreaking platform set to transform small-scale farming. This innovative online interface, conceptualized by Jay Reeder, a veteran in the technology sector with extensive experience in small-scale farming,

“Our passion is to help every small farm be a prosperous and successful venture,” states Jay Reeder, the founder of Breedbooks.

Breedbooks simplifies the integration of online marketing, sales, and tour management, allowing farmers to focus on their core passion: cultivating their farms.

A Platform Dedicated to Empowering Farmers

Breedbooks distinguishes itself through a comprehensive suite of features aimed at nurturing farm growth through agritourism. The platform offers farmers the opportunity to create unique digital profiles where they can showcase their products, livestock, and tour experiences. Additionally, the platform fosters a sense of community and learning among farmers through integrated chatrooms reminiscent of Slack, enabling the sharing of knowledge, strategies, and best practices.

Beyond Transactions: Building a Community

More than a marketplace, Breedbooks is a commitment to the power of community in the sphere of local agriculture. It forges a vibrant ecosystem where farmers can share their stories, learn from each other, and develop a deeper appreciation for the art and science of farming. Breedbooks also prioritizes convenience and efficiency, offering streamlined setup processes, instant payments, and comprehensive management tools to address the unique challenges faced by small farms.

Looking Toward a Sustainable Future

As Breedbooks gazes into the future, it envisions a world where small farms thrive through the synergy of technology and community. This platform is a catalyst for building sustainable, prosperous agricultural communities, underpinned by a shared passion for the land and its produce.

According to the 2017 US Agricultural Census, agritourism combined with direct sales results in double the rate of success, measured by farm revenue greater than 10k. Until now, the lack of training, mentoring, and technology has prevented many farms from pursuing this highly successful business strategy. Breedbooks was created and launched to make a difference. According to this same survey, the US has 153k Farms offering. Direct Sales or Agritourism, but only 4k of those leverage Agritourism to improve direct sales. The goal is to empower the 149 thousand farms, with 75k+ that make less than $10k per year, that are struggling without the assistance of an agritourism strategy.

Join the Movement

Farmers and consumers interested in being part of this transformative journey are invited to explore Breedbooks further. The platform’s website and Facebook page offer a wealth of information, resources, and the latest advancements in agritourism and small-scale farming. Subscribing to the Breedbooks newsletter is another way to stay connected with the latest developments and discussions surrounding the future of farming.

About the Founder

Jay Reeder, the founder of Breedbooks, is an embodiment of the fusion between technological innovation and agricultural tradition. With his rich background in technology and hands-on experience in small-scale farming, Jay brings a unique perspective to the development of Breedbooks. This platform is a testament to his vision of harmonizing technological progress with the timeless traditions of agriculture.

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