Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia Celebrates Recent Wins and Announces New Endorsements

Primaries Do Matter!

Guided by our conservative ethos, we navigate the complexities of today, steadfast in our commitment to a prosperous and principled tomorrow.”

— Dr. Steve Richards

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA, USA, June 30, 2023/ — The Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia is pleased to announce two recent victories for candidates endorsed by our organization. Chris Obenshain, the nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates from District 41, and Walter Michael, the nominee for the Board of Supervisors in Botetourt, Virginia, have emerged victorious in their respective races, demonstrating the strength of conservative principles and values.

These wins highlight the commitment of the Freedom Caucus to support candidates who champion limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility. Chris Obenshain and Walter Michael embody these principles and will be strong advocates for the people of Virginia.

During our recent meeting held on June 24th, the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia endorsed three additional candidates who have exhibited outstanding dedication to conservative values. We believe that these candidates possess the experience, integrity, and determination necessary to effect positive change in their respective roles.

Larry Chico, a former public school teacher, is running for the school board and has shown an unwavering commitment to promoting excellence in education while advocating for increased parental involvement and local control. With his firsthand experience in the classroom, Larry Chico understands the challenges faced by our students, teachers, and parents, and will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible education for the children of Western Virginia.

Shirron Ballard, the Republican nominee for Clerk of Court in Page County, has an impressive record of public service and a deep understanding of the judicial system. With her extensive experience and dedication to upholding the rule of law, Shirron Ballard will be a formidable asset to the citizens of Page County, ensuring justice and fairness for all.

David Bourne, a candidate for Treasurer of Augusta County, brings a wealth of financial expertise and a proven track record of responsible fiscal management. His commitment to transparent and accountable government spending will ensure that taxpayer dollars are used wisely, fostering economic growth and prosperity for Augusta County.

The Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia stands firmly behind these exceptional candidates and their dedication to conservative principles. As we move forward, we encourage voters to support Chris Obenshain, Walter Michael, Larry Chico, Shirron Ballard, and David Bourne in their respective races, empowering individuals who will tirelessly fight for the values that have made our great nation strong.

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