HEISHA released the DPort low altitude autonomous multi-drone docking base
HEISHA released the DPort low altitude autonomous multi-drone docking base

HEISHA released the DPort low altitude autonomous multi-drone docking base

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG / 广东, 中国, November 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drone docking systems can be found in different countries now, but most are for solo drones, this HEISHA DPort autonomous multi-drone docking port can contain up to eight drones, even big VTOL drones, DJI Flycart cargo drones, firefighting drones, and all 2s-14s LiPo-battery-powered drones are available.

The two-in-one autonomous drone system
DPort includes an R80 robot charging mansion and a D400 autonomous drone system with a payload swapping system. R80 robot mansion can be extended to eight floors and provides autonomous charging and docking service for seven 2s-14s drones/ robots. The D400 autonomous drone dock offers a flexible solution not just for parking a drone, but also for swapping its payloads, including cameras, packages, fire grenades, etc.

Multi-functional drone hangar
Even a single drone hangar extends the drone’s potential to the ever-touch area, multiple goal-required missions can be acquired with the participation of eight drones, inspecting a large square, searching and rescuing a missing person, fighting a wildfire, mapping a large area, and so on, all becomes easy, smart, and autonomous.

How autonomous could it be?
R80 drone hangar is a drone parking platform with multiple floors to dock up to seven drones, it can lift can fly a pointed drone to the destination following the preset waypoint route, then get back to R80 and land on the charging board automatically before going down to be charged, all the process are automatic and can be remotely controlled by anyone in front of a laptop.

On the other hand, D400 has the same function as a single-floor R80, but with a payload swapping system in the docking station, which is also automatically running after the payloads are properly placed.

Unlike other brands, the HEISHA factory can shorten the lead time to the least and make the quantity production happen, which is relatively rare in this small drone dock industry.

Shenzhen HEISHA Technology is a source manufacturer of drone docks. Its standard product center is based on mass production, a short delivery cycle, and extremely competitive price advantages, and is steadily gaining ground in the industry.

At the same time, HEISHA Technology’s innovation center is famous in the industry for its most comprehensive, professional, and leading technology. Products include large container-type drone docks, fire-fighting drone stations, car rooftop and vehicle-mounted drone docks, multi-floor drone/robot docking mansions, as well as smart landing gears, simplified linking software, etc.

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