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Hydro Bioscience announced today, the new and improved float design used in combination with the industry leading Quattro-DB® devices.

PINEY FLATS, TN, USA, September 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hydro Bioscience, an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to chemical free algae and biofilm remediation technologies, announced today, the new and improved float design used in combination with the industry leading Quattro-DB® devices. The Quattro-DB® is a transducer that mitigates algae by introducing thousands of ultrasonic frequencies to the water column.

The float’s cavity is filled with closed cell foam, which increases structural strength and provides extreme reliability against exterior environments and the occasional threat of wildlife. Closed cell foam resists water penetration and moisture build up. The float has a redesigned hanger that contributes to the ease of system deployment. The float system can be installed with no hand tools, by one person in under a minute. The flag simply snaps in place, by hand.

The new float is available in two standard colors, a high visibility yellow for placement in waterways or where boat traffic is present, and a black satin finish which is desirable for golf courses, decorative fountains or anywhere that the equipment should blend into the surroundings. Other color selections are available as special requests. The float can easily handle 8kg (18lb) buoyancy and meets the following requirements: UL94 HF-1 & U.S. Coast Guard regulation 33 CFR, section 183.114.

The new float will ship in the recently announced, patent pending OctoPAK high density packaging system, which allows for a 25% increase in shipping density. The OctoPAK system can safely and securely package up to two complete algae remediation systems, including two of the redesigned floats.

As stewards of the environment, Hydro Bioscience is committed to providing chemical free, eco-friendly, solutions and through continued scientific research and product innovation, and are committed to providing their valued customers with ever improving functionality, quality, and affordability.

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