National Society of Industries (SNI) highlighted the work of Ocho Sur in Ucayali

SNI President Mr. Salazar at Ucayali Forum

President of SNI highlighted the company for its sustainability and social commitment

I was invited by Ocho Sur and the truth is that what I found was a marvel. It is a very sustainable industry but it is also very socially committed, it is what we call a sustainable industry”

— Jesus Salazar – President of SNI

PUCALLPA, UCAYALI, PERU, February 22, 2024 / — The president of the National Society of Industries (SNI, for its acronym in Spanish), Jesús Salazar Nishi, came to Ucayali to talk about the productive potential of this region to export, grow, develop formal employment and close the social gaps that affect its population. He stressed that Ucayali is the first producer of oil palm and papaya, and the third producer of cocoa in the country. Its palm oil and cocoa exports account for 70 % of its shipments and 40 % of agricultural production is destined for the food and beverage industry.

In that sense, the union leader pointed out that in 2022 palm oil was the main product of agricultural exports, reaching 85 %, and highlighted the characteristics of the Ocho Sur company including its sustainability and social commitment: “I was invited by Ocho Sur and the truth is that what I found was a marvel. It is a very sustainable industry but it is also very socially committed, it is what we call a sustainable industry.”

Salazar Nishi invited leaders from different sectors all over Peru, present at the forum, to get to know the company and consider it as a model of sustainability: “I have had the opportunity to visit the Ocho Sur plant, and it is truly an example of what a sustainable industry is in our country. You should visit the plant, because Ucayali has to know what it has.”

Also during his presentation, he stated that Asia buys US$76 billion annually of six products that Ucayali produces: palm oil, sawn timber, raw wood, coffee, cocoa, and fresh catfish. He said that the challenge is to promote sustainable industrialization based on these products that already have assured demand and a strategic connection to turn Ucayali into the region with the greatest development in the country.

These statements were made during the Forum “Ucayali, Geostrategic Region 2024”, organized by the SNI headquarters in Pucallpa, where participated as exhibitors: the Regional Governor of Ucayali, Manuel Gambini; the President of Ceplan, Giofianni Peirano; the Representative of the Inter-American Development Bank – IDB in Peru, Ezequiel Cambiasso; the SOM Chair of APEC, Ambassador Carlos Vásquez Corrales; the President of the SNI heaquarters in Ucayali, Pedro Cachay; and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Indigenous Peoples of Peru, Fernando Shuar. Likewise, the General Manager of the SNI, Antonio Castillo Garay; the Coordinator in Peru of the Earth Innovation Institute, Gustavo Suárez de Freitas; the President of Grupo Pro Amazonía, Samuel Dyer; the General Director of Climate Change and Desertification of the Ministry of Environment (Minam, for its acronym in Spanish), Milagros Sandoval; the Director of Communications and Sustainability of the AJE Group, Jorge López-Dóriga; among other outstanding exhibitors.

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