TELF AG Publishes Article on Ferrosilicon (FeSi) Prices

TELF AG has released a report shedding light on the recent decline in Ferrosilicon (FeSi) prices in the United States amidst global downtrends.

US FeSi prices fell this week on lower concluded business, revealing that there are cheaper units available.”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, July 25, 2023/ — TELF AG, an international physical commodities trader with over three decades of experience, has released an article shedding light on the recent decline in Ferrosilicon (FeSi) prices in the United States amidst global downtrends. The report explores the factors contributing to this downturn and its implications for the industry.

As per TELF AG’s article, the FeSi market in the United States has encountered a decline in prices, driven by reduced concluded business and the presence of cost-effective alternatives in the market. Industry experts had been anticipating this correction for some time, given the challenging economic conditions and uncertainties affecting various sectors.

The report highlights limited spot requirements from buyers and lackluster demand as key factors behind the drop in FeSi prices. With buyers displaying a lack of urgency in acquiring FeSi, sellers are faced with excess inventory, compelling them to lower prices to attract potential customers.

According to TELF AG, another contributing factor to the current situation is the sufficient contract coverage many buyers have for FeSi. Existing contracts have dampened demand for spot purchases, putting further downward pressure on prices.

The sluggishness of the US FeSi market in responding to global downtrends has been a challenge. The global economic landscape has experienced uncertainties and disruptions, impacting industries worldwide. As a result, FeSi prices in other regions underwent corrections earlier, putting pressure on US suppliers to adjust pricing to remain competitive.

As the industry navigates through these uncertainties, TELF AG emphasizes that proactive measures and a keen understanding of market dynamics will be essential for sustained growth and profitability.

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TELF AG is a full-service international physical commodities trader with a rich history of 30 years in the industry. Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, the company operates globally, providing solutions for commodities producers worldwide. TELF AG works closely with producers to offer effective marketing, financing, and logistics solutions, allowing suppliers to concentrate on their core activities and access far-reaching markets.

Recognized for operational excellence and reliability, TELF AG’s flexible, customer-focused approach enables them to create tailor-made solutions for each producer, fostering long-term partnerships.

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