TELF AG Publishes Article on the Current Cobalt Demand and Supply

TELF AG released an article discussing the ever-changing Electric Vehicle (EV) market landscape and its impact on cobalt’s demand and supply dynamics.

The global shift towards sustainable energy solutions has resulted in the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market growth in recent years.”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, July 30, 2023/ — TELF AG, a leading international physical commodities trader with 30 years of expertise, released an article discussing the ever-changing landscape of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market and its impact on cobalt’s demand and supply dynamics, a critical battery component. The article explores the challenges posed by evolving cathode chemistries and the potential supply growth driven by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Chinese refined production.

According to TELF AG’s article, the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions has resulted in the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market growth in recent years. As countries worldwide pledge to phase out internal combustion engines, the demand for BEVs is set to remain robust. This sustained growth will inevitably drive steady demand for cobalt, despite advancements in cathode chemistries to reduce cobalt usage.

TELF AG states that one of the significant challenges to cobalt demand arises from the industry’s shift towards high-nickel/low-cobalt and cobalt-free cathode chemistries. While this trend may seem threatening to cobalt’s prominence in battery manufacturing, the sheer size of the BEV market will continue to drive substantial cobalt usage in the long run.

On the supply side, the DRC plays a crucial role in the global cobalt market, being one of the world’s largest cobalt producers. As per TELF AG’s analysis, new industrial expansions in the DRC, along with investments from countries like Indonesia, have the potential to drive substantial supply growth in the coming years. However, addressing power issues in the region is essential for this supply growth to materialize fully.

Moreover, TELF AG explores the vital role played by China in the cobalt value chain. China’s well-established value chain supports refined production growth, which is expected to surge by 17% yearly in the current year. China’s involvement in refining cobalt further strengthens its position as a critical player in the cobalt market, influencing the overall dynamics of supply and demand.

TELF AG emphasizes the importance of balancing cobalt demand and supply to achieve sustainable growth. Reducing reliance on cobalt in cathode chemistries is a positive step towards achieving this equilibrium and mitigating potential supply shortages.

According to TELF AG, collaborative efforts between governments, mining companies, and international organizations are crucial to address ethical and environmental concerns associated with cobalt mining in the DRC. Responsible mining practices and fair treatment of workers should be ensured for the long-term sustainability of the cobalt supply chain.

TELF AG also encourages research and development investments to explore alternative battery technologies less reliant on cobalt while maintaining performance and safety standards. Innovations in battery chemistry can play a pivotal role in securing the sustainability of the BEV market.

In conclusion, TELF AG’s article highlights the interconnection between the future of cobalt demand and supply and the growth trajectory of the Battery Electric Vehicle market. The industry can ensure a steady and reliable cobalt supply to power tomorrow’s electric vehicles by embracing innovation, responsible mining practices, and strategic investments.

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