The International Cannabis Awards 2024 Celebrated Innovation and Excellence in the Cannabis Industry

The International Cannabis Awards (ICA) 2024 was held in Barcelona, Spain, on March 13, 2024.

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Blimburn, which was founded in Barcelona, Spain, develops top quality cannabis seeds bred with stability, high yield, psychoactivity, and flavor in mind, and which are distributed worldwide, was one of the sponsors of the International Cannabis Awards 202

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From starting as weed growers in the Netherlands to storming the US market, Royal Queen Seeds, a sponsor of The International Cannabis Awards 2024, has learned a thing or two about high-quality weed seeds. Its cannabis seed catalog features autoflowering,

The International Cannabis Awards 2024, held on March 13, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain, was seen by over 80,000 on the new CXPN-Consumption XPerience Network.

The International Cannabis Awards event was, not only a platform for recognition but also a hub for education and connection.”

— Lawrence McIntosh

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 / — The International Cannabis Awards (ICA), an event that has quickly become a cornerstone for recognition within the global cannabis community, concluded its latest ceremony on March 13, 2024, with unparalleled success. The ICA was streamed live on CXPN: the “Consumption XPerience Network, a pioneering network dedicated to cannabis-related content. The event attracted over 80,000 viewers worldwide, showcasing its expansive reach across continents including the USA, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

This year’s awards were marked by an unprecedented level of professionalism and organization, both on and off the screen. The involvement of cannabis industry stalwarts Sergio Martinez, Dani Walton and Thomas Duchêne was instrumental in achieving this feat. Martinez and Duchene , with his rich background in catalyze-the-cannabis culture in Europe, and Walton, renowned for her contributions as a judge in top cannabis competitions, brought their expertise and vision to the forefront of the event.

The ICA successfully kicked off the biggest cannabis week in Europe’s, Spannabis, and the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), highlighting its role in uniting the cannabis world. The partnership with CXPN for live streaming exemplifies the forward-thinking approach of the ICA group, providing brands and influencers direct access to consumers and effectively bridging the gap within the industry.

“The International Cannabis Awards event was, not only a platform for recognition but also a hub for education and connection,” said CXPN founder Lawrence Red McIntosh. The collaboration aimed at stabilizing the industry and enhancing the consumer experience through live streaming, on-demand content, and demonstrating the potential of digital media in fostering a knowledgeable and unified cannabis community.

Host Shirley Ju, along with influencers like Kyle Kushman, Swami, Nikki T, Luna Stower, and Freddie Hott Sauce, created a lively and engaging atmosphere that resonated well with the audience, further amplified by the event’s significant social media traction and coverage by over 20 affiliate live stream partners. The professionalism of the event was also highlighted by the contributions of BBG Projects and Plantasur, with One Productions delivering an exceptional production quality. Sponsors like Royal Queen Seeds and Blimburn Seed Co. played crucial roles in supporting the industry’s growth and visibility, showcasing their commitment to innovation and consumer engagement.

Award winners included Biobizz, Advanced Nutrients, Lumatek, NASC, RQS, Blimburn, Raw, Garden Highpro, Can Fan, and Da Vinci, who have all contributed significantly to the industry’s success. A special mention goes to Melii for her captivating performance, which perfectly embodied the ICA’s mission to unite diverse cultures through music.

The ICA continues to set a benchmark for excellence and innovation in the cannabis industry, promising an even more impactful event in the coming year. For more details on the International Cannabis Awards and future events, visit and or contact [email protected].

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The International Cannabis Awards 2024

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