The Sisters of the Valley Announce a Very Interesting Special Happening Over the Next Five Days

isolated compounds in the CBN nighttime relaxant gelcaps

brown envelope with five gelcaps in and out of the package

CBN Gelcaps formulated for Sleep

Two sisters inspecting the hemp plants in the morning sunshine

The Sisters live and work on a one-acre farm in the Central Valley of California

A Public Opportunity to Try CBN Gelcaps for Free

Because of the work we do, we are obligated to follow the science.”

— Sister Halla

MERCED, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2023/ — In order to allow the public a gentle and cost-free way to participate in the science and understanding of the cannabis plant, the Sisters of the Valley announced today that they are giving away five-packs of CBN gelcaps for the sleep-challenged to try.

CBN capsules, which are actually a combination of CBD and CBN, are a natural alternative to tossing, turning, and pharmaceuticals. The Sisters have packed up sets of five gelcaps with an information card to go with every store purchase made over the next five days.

The Sisters are in their ninth year of making hand-made products by the cycles of the moon and their topical salves and oils (the original products) are still popular. In recent years, the Sisters have responded to science by developing three new products. One contains raw compounds, another is formulated for pets, and another is formulated for sleep.

“The cannabis plant is unfolding her mysteries to science and the scientists are unfolding those mysteries to the public”, said Sister Kate. “During the pandemic, we learned that the raw compounds of the plant contribute to fighting infections, and then that a particular combination of CBD and CBN causes drowsiness and induces better sleep. Those discoveries led us to work with our lab in Colorado to introduce a CBD Plus capsule with the raw compounds, and a CBN capsule with the combination of compounds that are known to elicit sleep.”

All of the Sisters capsules are filled with hemp plant concentrate extracted with organic liquid coconut oil. There are no other additives or ingredients. CBN is formed from aged, dried THC on and in the buds of the plant.

The Sisters host a large archive of articles on their website where more information can be found about their products, the cannabis compounds, mushrooms, and what science is revealing about the healing powers of plants.

The Sisters pattern their lifestyle and culture after the pre-Christian Beguines. Learn more about them at

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