Vytal Filtration Technologies Welcomes Bill Chu as New VP of Product Application

Press Release

Aug 30, 2023

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to innovation and leadership in the filtration industry, Vytal Filtration Technologies is thrilled to announce the appointment of Bill Chu as the new Vice President (VP) of Product Application.

With an impressive professional journey that began as a Technical Support Engineering Technologist for Quadra Chemicals, Bill Chu brings over a decade of technical engineering experience to the team. Bill’s technical brilliance is reflected in the 300+ natural gas processing facilities he has serviced worldwide, and his innovative mind led to a US Patent for a filtration process granted in 2022.

When asked about this new role, Bill stated, “I am excited to bring my expertise to Vytal, a company known for its versatility and extraordinary leadership. My role as VP of Product Application will involve establishing a new technical support group, a critical step towards fully bolstering our sales team’s expertise. I look forward to the steep learning curve and the opportunity to create a technical team to support our business.”

This appointment is significant for Vytal as it continues to expand and lead the filtration industry. Bill’s key responsibilities will be a blend of business conduct and strategies, technical implementation, and leadership and guidance throughout the organization. His ability to think critically and lead dependable teams will be invaluable as he helps Vytal navigate new challenges and circumstances in the coming years.

Bill’s long-term goals with Vytal are rooted in providing a synergistic environment that propels the company to new heights, whether in technical, leadership, or commercial aspects. CEO Brian Jones added, “We are pleased to welcome Bill Chu to our team. Bill is a globally renowned expert in solving process and filtration challenges. Combined with the technical expertise of our locally-based sales teams and our industry-leading portfolio of products, the addition of Bill will elevate the range of solutions Vytal will provide to the filtration market.”

Source: Vytal Filtration Technologies

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