Bite Ninja Launches ‘NinjaQ’ Remote Staffing System

Revolutionary Restaurant Tech Company Releases New Queuing System to Staff Remote Workers Across Multiple Restaurant Partner Locations

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bite Ninja, the technology company reinventing the traditional restaurant service model, is proud to announce its patent pending, cutting-edge ‘NinjaQ’, a queuing system that allows restaurants to deploy workers remotely across multiple locations. By utilizing Bite Ninja’s Customer Detection System and remote staffing capabilities, the company’s latest technology innovation gives restaurants the ability to leverage their own employees and adjust staffing levels to match in-store demand, reducing the number of cashiers and customer-facing employees in the queue during slow periods or adding more during peak times.

The introduction of ‘NinjaQ’ aims to revolutionize the way quick-service restaurants operate by providing an effective and efficient ordering process that minimizes labor costs. When a new customer is detected by the system, a remote cashier in the NinjaQ is routed to the station to take their order. Once the order is complete, the cashier is then placed back into the queue to await the next customer, bouncing remotely between restaurant locations and stations as needed.

Bite Ninja’s newest advancement in restaurant technology offers restaurant owners the ability to integrate their existing staff into Bite Ninja’s remote platform, or tap into Bite Ninja’s certified online professional workforce, better known as ‘Ninjas’. Bite Ninja’s technology has proven to be instrumental in helping restaurant operators increase sales through faster lines and upsells, both at the drive-thru window and front counter.

“As workforce demands and rising costs continue to put pressure on the restaurant industry, we uncovered a market opportunity to upgrade our services and provide a solution where restaurants could utilize their own staff through our remote work offerings across multiple locations at the same time,” said Will Clem, founder of Bite Ninja. “This advancement in our technology presents restaurant franchise owners with a unique opportunity to utilize existing staff to help combat the industry-wide labor shortage. NinjaQ signifies a new benchmark for Bite Ninja as a company to streamline efficiencies and staffing operations to create the ultimate ordering experience for customers.”

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Bite Ninja is a game-changing software and technology provider that gives restaurants the ability to staff their drive-thru and front counter with remote workers from anywhere in the country. Thanks to its eleventh-hour scheduling features and remote order taking platform, restaurateurs can eliminate overhead costs like redundant staff, order errors, and missed shifts. Bite Ninja provides restaurants with black-belt level upsells, 100% order accuracy, and staffing reliability, in addition to superior flexibility and accessible work environments for employees. To learn more, visit:

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