High-end sake brand SHIROKIMONO will hold reception tasting events in France and the U.S. inviting well-recognised figures

SHIROKIMONO = Sake + Art Innovation

NIIGATA, Japan, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nozomi Japan Inc. is expanding its business to the world and will hold reception tasting events in the U.S. and France for their fermentation + art themed high brand sake “SHIROKIMONO”.

Nozomi Japan started selling their sake in 2022 on the closed market for their V.I.P. clients. Their sparkling sake “IWAU”, which gained a good reputation among Michelin chefs and sommeliers, became a hot topic due to its luxurious aroma and sourness created by a unique recipe which uses plenty of citric koji, allowing you to experience a new world of sake that you have never experienced before. You can enjoy it as apéritif, or you can also drink it with your meals. It pairs well with a wide range of cuisines such as Japanese, French, Chinese, and so on.

SHIROKIMONO Sake is made at a sake brewery with 475 years of history, using carefully selected water, rice, and microorganisms such as koji and yeast. Nozomi Japan consider the taste created by these elements to be an art, and they collaborate with world-famous artists and pair it with paintings.

SHIROKIMONO Sake is available at restaurants listed below.

Restaurants serve SHIROKIMONO

  • Gion MatayoshiKyoto
  • MAZ – Tokyo
  • MOTOÏ – Kyoto
  • Centara Grand Hotel – Osaka
  • Sushi Takehan Wakatsuki – Tokyo
  • Asada – Tokyo
  • Sushi Tanpei – Osaka
  • Hachimenroppi – Niigata
  • Kyoshotei – Tokyo
    and more.

SHIROKIMONO Sake is also available at other famous restaurants such as a major luxurious hotel and Teppanyaki restaurant in Ginza, but it is limited to selected restaurants*.

Reception events details:
Tasting events for their SHIROKIMONO sparkling sake, IWAU 2023, will be held at locations below.

A tasting event with a world-famous sommelier.

Date: July 20th, 2023
Time: 4p.m. – 6p.m.
Location: Kinasé, Paris
URL: https://www.kinase-boutique.com/
Languages: French, Japanese, English
Remarks: Reservation needed.

Events will be held in NYC and LA on an irregular basis. Please contact for the details.


Fermentation, the oldest biotechnology process, is an art created by nature. SHIROKIMONO is sold not only in Japan but also elsewhere in the world to share the concept of combining fermentation + art.

The exclusive sake brewer introduced a fabless style sake brewery system to create the sake he wants. It is a unique method to brew an unparalleled sake and create its taste using yeast that grows in a sake brewery with a long history.

Sparkling Sake “IWAU” has become a hot topic among young wealthy people due to its champagne-like flavours, and it is used for celebrations such as weddings and parties. Nozomi Japan is expected to announce a new collaborative product with world-famous artists this year (2023).

Website: https://www.shirokimono.jp/en

*It is only available at selected restaurants in 2023 and there will be no general release.

Contact Information:

Saaya Matsukubo
Nozomi Japan Inc.
Business Operations Coordinator
[email protected]

SOURCE Nozomi Japan Inc.

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