Powerhouse Dynamics Activates DemandSmart, Seamlessly Bringing Demand Response Revenues to Multi-Unit Restaurant and Retail Sites

Connected natively to DemandQ’s Real-time Demand (RTD) Hub, DemandSmart is the industry’s first AI-powered energy solution to execute demand response automatically at scale.

BOSTON, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Powerhouse Dynamics, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) partner to enterprise-level restaurant, QSR, convenience store and retail brands, today announced that it has installed its AI-powered DemandSmart Solution in client locations across the country. The solution automatically executes demand response at scale, empowering clients to generate new revenues by lowering their energy use when the grid is experiencing peak demand.

“We are excited to bring this expanded capability to our customers. Not only will they save significant energy costs using our DemandSmart module, but they will also be able to take advantage of our Real-Time Demand (RTD) Hub integration and make money while advancing their sustainability goals,” said Powerhouse Dynamics President Jay Fiske.

DemandSmart integrates with Powerhouse Dynamics’ Open Kitchen® and SiteSage® IoT platforms for restaurant/foodservice operators and retailers, respectively. These platforms are already in use in 15,000+ locations of household-name clients to decrease their energy, operational, and equipment costs.

Connecting Powerhouse Dynamics’ DemandSmart module to the RTD Hub from partner DemandQ enables these locations to take full advantage of grid services previously unavailable due to the administrative burden of effectively executing a demand response or economic dispatch event.

“DemandQ’s RTD Hub marks a significant milestone in the evolution of demand response and economic demand dispatch in energy markets. Automated execution brings demand response and demand dispatch to locations with as little as 10 kW, creating significant revenue opportunities,” said DemandQ CEO Gary Morsches.

About Powerhouse Dynamics

Founded in 2009, Powerhouse Dynamics, a Middleby Company (NASDAQ: MIDD) is the leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider for eliminating waste in the operations of multi-site foodservice and retail facilities. Their IoT platform, sold under two different brands—Open Kitchen® for foodservice operators, and SiteSage® for retail and other commercial operators—provides control over key equipment for reduced waste and increased cost savings, actionable insights for more informed decisions on equipment and operations, and improved processes for consistent, positive experiences in their facilities. The platform is connected with over 50,000 pieces of equipment across 15,000+ locations.

To learn more about DemandSmart, visit https://connect.powerhousedynamics.com/demandsmart.

About DemandQ

DemandQ is the leading provider of AI-enabled demand management solutions. DemandQ’s Real-time Demand (RTD) Hub brings together energy suppliers and commercial end-users to enable lasting value for both. For energy suppliers, utilities, and industry partners, the RTD Hub makes it easy to incentivize commercial end-users to manage energy more intelligently. And for commercial end-users in hospitality, retail, office buildings and warehouses RTD Hub can facilitate new revenue streams.

For more information about DemandQ and the Real-time Demand Hub, please visit demandq.ai or contact [email protected].

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