Voicify and Chowly Partner to Provide Voice AI Ordering to Restaurants

Voice AI from Voicify understands natural human speech; increases efficiency and frees up employees

BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Voicify, the market leader in conversational AI, today announced that it has integrated with Chowly, a leading all-in-one digital ordering platform, to make its technology available to any of Chowly’s customers. By joining Chowly’s strategic partner program, Chowly’s restaurant customers will be able to field call-in customer questions and process voice orders placed at the drive thru, in-store kiosk, or over the phone with high speed and accuracy using Voicify’s Artificial Intelligence.

By automating customer service, Voicify’s superior AI solutions for restaurants solve staffing and other top challenges facing today’s restaurant operators. AI solutions from Voicify expand a restaurant’s digital ordering footprint by learning a restaurant’s menu and accepting guest orders quickly and accurately.

Voicify AI solutions are optimized to handle natural human speech. This means that customers can speak normally without modifying their speech at all. As needed or at customer request, the AI Answering assistant can connect the guest with human store staff.

Voicify Voice Assistants free up restaurant staff to tackle higher value tasks such as preparing guest orders.

“Voicify AI adeptly handles guest orders and questions. It won’t call in sick and never fails to suggest add-ons and special offers or promote the restaurant loyalty program,” said Nick Laidlaw, Chief Technology Officer, at Voicify. “Voicify’s AI solutions stand out because of their underlying technology that is one hundred percent API driven. This means that a single code base can be deployed across multiple channels and points of service. In one click, voice assistants and menu and pricing changes can be deployed across multiple points of order, including in-store kiosks, the drive-thru, online, and phone ordering.”

Through this partnership, all customer voice orders are transmitted to Chowly’s platform, which integrates seamlessly with the restaurant’s systems. Working together, Voicify and Chowly will empower thousands of restaurant locations to offload the more mundane, transactional steps involved in guest service such as taking orders and payment. This enables restaurants to solve staffing challenges and provide consistent customer service across guest touchpoints, despite reduced staffing levels.

“In the digital age, customers expect a consistent experience regardless of how, where, and when they engage with a brand,” said Alex Cranfill, Director of Partnerships at Chowly. “Voicify AI is uniquely positioned to enhance the guest experience while allowing restaurants to capture more orders and drive revenue.”

“As we prepare to announce partnerships with a number of highly recognizable national restaurant brands, our in-market voice-enabled solutions are delivering demonstrable improvements to guest service and the bottom line,” said Robert Naughton, Chief Revenue Officer at Voicify. “We’re excited to expand our already considerable footprint through this partnership with Chowly. Our market-leading Voice solutions and years of AI expertise will help even more restaurants boost revenue and reduce customer service friction for guests.”

“At Chowly, we recognize the value that innovative technologies can bring to our network of restaurant partners,” said Cranfill. “Voicify AI fulfills the need for an AI service pillar that augments our digital guest ecosystem, fully equipping the restaurants we serve with a future-ready platform and the competitive advantage they’ve been looking for. Voicify and Chowly technologies scale for all sizes of restaurants, from single location independent establishments to rapidly growing and established, multi-unit enterprises.”

About Voicify

Voicify has spent years pioneering an industry-leading platform for natural language understanding and processing. Today, Voicify is the leading voice AI technology company for restaurants. Voicify’s suite of tools transforms guest experiences across multiple points of service with seamless deployment and can scale to any size restaurant operation. Designed to deploy quickly and integrate directly with existing phone, POS, kiosk and other restaurant technologies, Voicify AI always delivers the polished, on-brand experience that diners expect. Voicify sets the standard for conversational AI by learning quickly and delivering intelligent and reliable performance for any situation. Find out more about Voicify for Restaurants here. To give Voicify AI a try, call 888-910-6525.

About Chowly

Chowly is the all-in-one ordering platform that creates a unified digital storefront for restaurants. Using Chowly, a restaurant can offer customized first-party ordering directly from their website while also maximizing their third-party delivery channels with direct integration into their POS system. By removing the use of delivery tablets and improving digital order accuracy, the restaurant can focus on what they do best – making great food and delighting its guests. With Chowly Online Ordering, third-party marketplace POS integration, Smart Pricing, delivery services, and best-in-class reporting, Chowly helps restaurants of all sizes compete and achieve their best possible results. For more information, visit chowly.com.

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