1800GetARug Provides Top 6 Tips To Buy a Rug Online
1800GetARug Provides Top 6 Tips To Buy a Rug Online

How to Buy a Rug Online

Know Your Rug Types

Know Your Rug Types

These top 6 tips to buy a rug online will greatly increase the chances of being happy with online rug purchase.

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In the last few years the options for buying large home goods – furniture and rugs – online have exploded. Even consumers who live in urban areas with plenty of IRL stores often prefer to buy online for ease and convenience. These top 6 tips to buy a rug online will greatly increase the chances of being happy with online rug purchase.

Tip 1: Online Rug Sellers

Everyone wants the best price, right? Many online retailers who may know nothing about rugs or weaving will “repackage” rugs they’ve bought from a “business-to-business” seller?

Important tip is to avoid the “middleman” and look for online rug companies that import rugs from countries known for expert rug weaving such as India and Turkey, and where possible, companies that also have their own weaving ateliers in known weaving centers of excellence. 1800GetARug.com is a rug importer and maintains its own weaving ateliers employing adult weavers. 1800GetARug.com also have experts in the field who source quality pre-owned vintage rugs. These facts mean the rugs being sold online and in the showroom are markedly less expensive than similar rugs sold by “resellers” while still being a high quality handmade rug backed by the expert knowledge.

Tip 2: Know different Rug Types

The best quality handmade rugs use natural fibers such as wool woven on a loom with a yarn shuttle (or using a hand to pass the yarn through the warp) or hand-knotted on a loom with natural fibers. These two types of handmade rugs are the epitome of rug quality. Below this top tier is everything else including machine-made rugs and gun tufted rugs.

Tip 3: See and Understand the Rug

Make sure the website being used to purchase rugs includes a full description of the rug. Does the website have multiple photographs of the rug including the underside? If the rug prefered is quite expensive does the description explain why – does it say the rug is rare or an antique or does it mention “Kpsi”? Kpsi means “knots per square inch” and it only applies to hand-knotted rugs (not handwoven). The more knots per inch the finer the quality and higher the price. But remember, Many of the most popular handmade rugs are tribal rugs with deliberately “chunky” weaves or visible knots.

Tip 4: Size, Shape and Scale

The size of rug for prefered space is determined by whether buyer want to fill the room (remember to leave a generous “path” between the rug and the walls so the room doesn’t look cramped) or whether to create multiple zones. A zoned room might be a living room with a rectangle rug to zone the sofa, coffee table and chairs, plus a round rug to create a separate reading nook. After size decide on shape: rectangle, square, round or runner. Oval rugs are harder to source so it’s often best to limit the search to popular and common shapes.

Scale refers to size too, but for specific purposes it refers to the scale of the rug’s pattern (if there is one) versus furniture scale. If an individual is a fan of a certain famous online auction site , one may have noticed sellers will often place a universally familiar item .

To gauge the scale of a rug pattern online, make sure the site includes a photograph that shows the scale of the rug and its pattern in a room setting. 1800GetARug displays photograph of every rug on the website in multiple views that show various angles, rug depth, plus the rug in a furnished room to show pattern scale.

Tip 5: Color

Has anyone noticed many websites will distance themselves from responsibility for the accurate onscreen color of whatever it is they’re selling by including a disclaimer along the lines of “color may vary from monitor to monitor”. Or they may even suggest that “calibrate” the monitor for accuracy (eh? What’s that mean?) One can ignore those disclaimers if they purchase the rug from an online seller who provides a universally accepted color guide such as Pantone or Benjamin Moore within a detailed photograph of the rug.

Each of the rugs being offered at 1800GetARug is photographed with a color guide – either Pantone or Benjamin Moore. If accurate color matching is imperative to customer, this is where IRL becomes important. Check the rug’s colors based on the color guide in refered photograph with similar branded paint chips at local paint store. Or if situated in the greater metropolitan New York area try to make an appointment at the showroom to see the rug in person.

Tip 6: Don’t Forget the Details

How a website processes and delivers order is a telltale sign of excellence (or lack of excellence). Check to see if the online order page is secure by checking whether the payment page is http or https. The designation appears at the top of browser window. Http is a “normal” website address, while“https” (notice the “s” on the end of “http”) signals a layer of encryption to keep the credit card details safe and secure. 1800GetARug’ payment page is https.

Staff carefully pack the rug for same day shipping on orders received before 3pm EST.

1800GetARug.com ship anywhere in the US and Canada at no extra charge, except Alaska and Hawaii. Items are fully insured and shipped using UPS ground, Fed Ex ground or Fed Ex home delivery. Items weighing over 150 pounds will be shipped with a Freight forwarder depending on the ocation to ensure a prompt and safe delivery.

1800GetARug gives a 30 days to return and ship the rug back from the time of receipt, for any reason, for a full refund.

And the final rug buying tip? Talk to us and If still unsure of what type of rug is wanted, needed, or price, one can schedule a free, no obligation live video call with one of the experts.

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