Aisles Introduces SAFTIES – A Retail Tech Solution Ensuring Product Safety and Transparency

The tool aims to tackle the growing challenges of faulty products in the retail space.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2023/ — Oregon-based startup Aisles has launched a new retail tech solution: SAFTIES (Systematic Analysis For Tracking Ingredient Exposure & Safety). The system, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, has been designed to provide critical information about product ingredients, chemical components, and potential hazards. It ensures that consumers are well-informed and safeguarded against potential risks, thus bringing a new level of trust and confidence in their shopping experiences.

The product release comes when injuries and deaths due to faulty products are rising rapidly. According to a new study by a consumer watchdog group, The California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG), 292 products were pulled from retail stores last year compared to 216 in the previous period.

Boasting an extensive database, SAFTIES can scrutinize product ingredients, identify potential allergens or harmful substances, and alert consumers about items that have been recalled or pose any potential risk. Furthermore, it provides crucial insights into possible hazards from mixing specific products, thereby preempting potentially detrimental combinations.

The system’s intelligence goes beyond simple ingredient tracking. SAFTIES also give alerts about product recalls, ensuring that any product recalled in the past is flagged for their attention. The recall information is updated in real-time, ensuring they are always aware of the products they choose to consume.

Ignacio Rosales, the co-founder of Aisles, articulates the significance of this avant-garde tool, stating, “Product recalls are unfortunately becoming more common with consumers unaware of dangers that may be in their own homes. It saddened us when newborn babies died due to issues with a children’s bedding product. Similarly, issues with the design of a power generator led to 24-finger amputations. Even recently, products are getting recalled as we speak as they have listeria that can harm people. If they had simply known about the dangers of the products, it could have been prevented.”

SAFTIES even extends its safety measures to medications. By analyzing the chemical composition and potential interactions, it warns consumers about possible adverse effects that can occur when certain medications get mixed. This level of safety detail extends the system’s utility from general shopping to health management, a critical aspect considering the rise of self-care and over-the-counter medications.

He added, “SAFTIES development aligns with Aisles’ forward-thinking approach to producing advanced retail technology to make it smarter, safer, and personalized. Our startup is passionate about its relentless pursuit of retail optimization, which is why SAFTIES enables consumers to make educated and safe shopping decisions. Our vision is to redefine shopping experiences as seamless, enjoyable, and safe. It will also help companies coordinate the product recall’s reverse logistics. As the AI system continues to learn and grow, its potential to redefine shopping safety standards is immense. It’s a great step forward in retail, transforming how we view product safety and transparency.”

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