Asterom Celebrates 15 Years of Crafting Timeless Walking Canes with a Legacy of Passion and Precision

Ukrainian family workshop Asterom Canes marks over a decade of artistry, achieving the top spot in the luxury walking canes market.

UKRAINE, December 27, 2023 / — Asterom, the Ukrainian family workshop known for its exquisite handcrafted walking canes, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a legacy of passion, precision, and a commitment to providing joy and ease in the lives of its customers.

Since 2008, Asterom has been dedicated to the art of crafting high-quality canes and walking sticks. The solid oak canes, more than just walking aids, represent over a decade-long commitment to craftsmanship, reliability, and individuality.

Notably, Asterom’s bestselling Saddle Walking Cane has reached the 1st position on Amazon in the “Most Wished Walking Cane” category. With a remarkable 5-star rating on Amazon, the brand has secured the top spot in the US market for luxury walking canes. Asterom’s dedication extends to supporting Ukraine in challenging times, creating jobs and aiding humanitarian efforts.

Asterom offers over 100 unique cane designs, each a work of art, and provides a range of customization options to reflect the personality of its customers. From the anatomical handle of the Vesper to the elegance of the Saddle Walking Cane and the boldness of the Skull Walking Cane, Asterom’s collection caters to diverse preferences.

The company, despite facing challenges due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, remains resilient and committed to its craft. With a team of over 50 skilled craftsmen, Asterom continues to create walking canes that transcend functionality and become trusted companions in everyday adventures.

Asterom not only produces exceptional walking canes but also contributes to the community by using part of its profits for donations to Ukrainian defenders and humanitarian missions. The brand’s dedication to supporting its country in these challenging times is evident in its efforts to create job opportunities and aid those affected by the conflict.

Customers can expect prompt deliveries, with many canes stored in the US for quick shipping within 2-7 days. Custom orders are also accepted.

As Asterom celebrates its 15-year milestone, the brand invites customers to join the journey of life with a handcrafted Asterom cane in hand, where each step resonates with the echoes of a legacy of craftsmanship and individuality. To buy, browse, or learn more about the brand, visit or now.

About Asterom

Asterom, a Ukrainian family workshop crafting exceptional walking canes since 2008, celebrates 15 years of artistry. Their solid oak canes, a fusion of craftsmanship and individuality, have earned a top spot in the US luxury walking canes market. Asterom’s dedication extends to supporting Ukraine in challenging times, creating jobs and aiding humanitarian efforts.

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