BlueZoo Winter 2024 Further Improves Measurement Accuracy for Foot-Traffic Analytics Solution

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BlueZoo dashboard

BlueZoo dashboard

Bill Evans, BlueZoo CEO

Bill Evans, BlueZoo CEO

Next Generation Calibration Process Accelerates Sensor Deployment and Boosts Accuracy

Easy BlueZoo administration reduces costs of ownership, consistent with our goal to be the low-cost provider of real time audience measurement.”

— Bill Evans, BlueZoo’s CEO

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 15, 2024 / — BlueZoo, the innovator in foot traffic measurement and analytics solutions, today announced BlueZoo Winter 2024, with new capabilities to further improve audience measurement accuracy and manage tens of thousands of remote sensors.

Improved Measurement Accuracy and Deployment Speed

BlueZoo introduces range-detection-based calibration to deliver a balance of fast and accurate sensor calibration, decreasing deployment times to less than ten minutes. While BlueZoo’s ground-truth-based calibration will remain the gold standard for measurement accuracy, range-detection-based calibration accounts for venue-specific anomalies and can be completed in minutes. Like ground-truth-based calibration, range-detection-based calibration can be audited by using the BlueZoo mobile app.

“Our customers insist on accuracy and low cost, as well as privacy protection for consumers consistent with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR),” says Eduardo Davila, Managing Director of NetMX, a leading systems integrator serving retail and hospitality markets in Spain and Latin America. “With BlueZoo’s Winter 2024 release, we’ll be able to install and calibrate BlueZoo sensors faster than ever. We save time, but continue to enjoy the accuracy of passive Wi-Fi impressions measurement. Our retail customers especially appreciate the easy deployment and reliability of the BlueZoo sensors.”

Effortlessly Manage Large Deployments

BlueZoo’s Winter 2024 makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage large constellations of sensors. All sensor attributes can be managed from the cloud, using BlueZoo’s dashboard and mobile app. Cloud management means that bulk operations, like changing Wi-Fi credentials or assigning static IP addresses, can be performed effortlessly from the BlueZoo dashboard.

“Easy BlueZoo administration reduces costs of ownership, consistent with our goal to be the low-cost provider of real time audience measurement,” explains Bill Evans, BlueZoo’s CEO. “No other passive Wi-Fi occupancy detection product provides the scalability of BlueZoo, and BlueZoo delivers measurement at dramatically lower cost than camera-based solutions. Both sensor management and cloud processing are designed to accurately measure audience impressions for tens of thousands of sensor, 24×7”

Enhanced Reporting and Alert Management

BlueZoo customers can define complex customized reports that are sent automatically by email every day, week, month, or quarter to their own customers, partners, and employees. These reports can report both aggregate and non-aggregated sensor analytics, including visits/impressions, visitors, dwell time, unique visitors, and unique visitor recurrence. BlueZoo Winter 2024 dramatically expands reporting capabilities by allowing a single report to deliver multiple report tiles, for different sensors and different time periods, and to overlay analytics describing multiple time periods.

For smart city and insurance use cases, BlueZoo alerts are delivered by email, SMS, or webhook to report events including “sensor over occupancy threshold” and “sensor offline”. BlueZoo customers can now send alerts to multiple recipients via multiple channels, rather than via only primary and failover channels. Occupancy alerts are important for building management and provide early warning of dangerous overcrowded conditions.


BlueZoo Winter 2024 will be generally available in March. However, the new release is ready today under beta test. To experience a live demo of BlueZoo Winter 2024, schedule a session at:

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BlueZoo Inc. delivers foot traffic analytics services to customers in the out-of-home advertising, retail, and insurance industries. BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors to hundreds of customers throughout the world and its products are protected by 6 patents. Customers include JCDecaux, Sodexo, and Executive Channel Network. All BlueZoo products are GDPR compliant and regularly audited by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany. BlueZoo is based in Menlo Park, California, and is funded by Fusion Fund.

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