Edelman, D’Loren, and Cioletti Set Stage for Insightful Dialogues

Licensing Show 2023 June 13-15th Mandalay Bay Hotel

Opening Keynote 2023: Robert D’Loren and Sam Edelman with Amanda Cioletti, vice president content and strategy, License Global

Opening Keynote 2023: Robert D’Loren and Sam Edelman with Amanda Cioletti, vice president content and strategy, License Global

Sam Edelman Keynote Speaker Licensing Show 2023 Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas

Industry veterans discuss brand evolution, retail trends, and engaging Gen Z at the highly anticipated opening keynote of Licensing Show 2023.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, June 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The opening day of Licensing Show 2023 saw a convergence of the brightest minds in the brand licensing industry at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event’s opening keynote was eagerly awaited as it featured a powerhouse trio – Sam Edelman, founder and president of his namesake brand, Robert D’Loren, CEO and Chairman of Xcel Brands, and Amanda Cioletti, vice president of content and strategy at License Global.

In a panel moderated by Amanda Cioletti, Sam Edelman and Robert D’Loren lent their extensive experience and deep insights to a riveting conversation on the past, present, and future of the fashion industry. Cioletti’s expert moderation facilitated a fluent dialogue that covered a broad spectrum of topics, shedding light on the industry’s complex inner workings.

The discussion began with an exploration of the history and evolution of Sam Edelman’s brands, each with a distinct identity that contributed to their success. Edelman elaborated on how his brands, including the stylish Sam Edelman, the contemporary Circus NY, and the comfort-meets-design Sam + Libby, had carved unique spaces for themselves in the competitive fashion market.

One of the keynote’s highlights was an enlightening debate on the future of the brick-and-mortar retail model. In an era rapidly advancing towards digitalization, both Edelman and D’Loren expressed their conviction that physical retail stores maintain their relevance. They emphasized how brick-and-mortar stores could coexist with and complement online retail, offering consumers a more comprehensive shopping experience.

For those aspiring to break into the fashion industry, D’Loren offered valuable insights. He underscored that it’s not necessarily about the product category but more about effective distribution. “If you have the right distributors, the licensees will come,” D’Loren shared, thereby underlining that a solid distribution strategy is a key to brand success.

A topic that resonated with the audience was how to attract and engage the Gen Z demographic. Edelman acknowledged the inherent challenges and described Gen Z as a group that can be utterly absorbed in something one moment and completely detached the next. Despite this, he was optimistic and laid out a dual approach strategy. The first element involved focusing on live streaming, a platform growing in popularity among Gen Z. The second was to keep a keen eye on emerging trends, akin to being vigilant in a “watchtower,” always ready to adapt to what the future holds.

In this lively discussion, Edelman also shared his business philosophy, which has been instrumental in his success. He stated, “I’ve always tried to do something others aren’t doing. I work to fill a void.” This pioneering mindset, marked by differentiation and innovation, is undoubtedly a reason for the resilience and popularity of his brands.

As the first day of Licensing Show 2023 came to a close, the air was thick with newfound knowledge and ideas. The engaging discourse between Edelman, D’Loren, and Cioletti laid the groundwork for the days ahead, heralding an event teeming with exploration and interaction. In the evolving landscape of the brand licensing industry, the significant insights garnered from these discussions clearly play a critical role in outlining its forthcoming progression.

As the Licensing Show 2023 continues, industry professionals eagerly anticipate the thrilling opportunities that lie ahead in the next two days. The event opens doors for knowledge exchange, business growth, and creative exploration, creating an environment brimming with possibilities. Attendees are primed to seize these moments, as the show propels the industry forward with excitement and a world of potential.

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