EtherArts Photography Reveals Why Ghost Mannequin Photography Sells More Apparel Online And Amazon Than Any Other Style

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Apparel photographer specializing in ghost mannequin photography service at low cost. Image showcases a scarf on ghost mannequin.

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EtherArts photography of Lifestyle photography for soccer gloves done for FBA Seller central store.

Amazon photography for lifestyle imagery for soccer gloves. It is done as a part of complete Amazon Product photography listing photography package

EtherArts Product Photography offers the Best Ghost mannequin photography in Atlanta that improves the customer experience, and increases conversions and sales.

At EtherArts Photography, Ghost Mannequin Photography is the Art of Invisible Presence Making Products Look From Ethereal to Tangible”

— EtherArts Photography

TAMPA, GA, USA, July 6, 2023/ — It’s important to note that the effectiveness of photography styles can vary depending on the target audience, brand identity, and the specific product being showcased. While flat lay photography can have its own creative and artistic merits, considering the limitations in showcasing fit, design details, emotional connection, size and proportion, visual impact, and garment movement, it may not be the most optimal choice for maximising clothing sales in many cases.

1. Limited visualisation of fit: Flat lay photography often lacks the ability to showcase how a garment fits and drapes on the human body. It presents clothing items in a flattened position, which can make it challenging for customers to gauge how the garment will look on themselves. The lack of visualising the fit can lead to uncertainty and hesitancy in making a purchase.

2. Incomplete view of design details: Flat lay photography typically captures clothing items from a top-down perspective. This limited angle may not adequately highlight the design details, such as the shape of collars, cuffs, or the overall silhouette of the garment. Customers might miss out on important features that can impact their purchasing decisions.

3. Reduced emotional connection: Clothing purchases are often driven by emotional factors, such as desiring a certain style or feeling confident in a particular outfit. Flat lay photography may fail to evoke these emotions as it lacks the visual context of a person wearing the clothing. Seeing a garment on a flat surface may not create the same connection or inspiration as seeing it worn on a model or mannequin.

4. Difficulty in assessing size and proportion: Flat lay images alone may not provide enough information for customers to accurately assess the size and proportion of a garment. Understanding the dimensions and scale of clothing is crucial for customers to determine if it will suit their body type and personal preferences. The absence of a reference point can lead to uncertainty and potentially result in incorrect sizing choices.

5. Less engagement and visual impact: Compared to other styles of photography, such as ghost mannequin or model shots, flat lay images may have lower visual impact and engagement. Customers might be more inclined to click on or explore images that feature clothing worn by models or mannequins.

Ghost mannequin photography, also known as invisible mannequin photography, is crucial for e-commerce stores for several reasons:

Displaying product fit: Ghost mannequin photography allows customers to visualise how the clothing or apparel fits on a human body. By removing the visible mannequin or model from the image, it provides a clear view of the product’s shape, silhouette, and how it drapes on a person. This helps potential buyers make more informed decisions about size, style, and overall fit.

1. Realistic representation: Ghost mannequin photography provides the most accurate and lifelike representation of how a garment fits and drapes on the human body. It allows customers to visualise how the clothing will look on themselves, providing a clear understanding of the garment’s shape and proportions.

2. Focus on the clothing: By removing the distraction of a visible mannequin or model, ghost mannequin photography directs the viewer’s attention solely to the clothing itself. This technique highlights the garment’s design, fabric, and detailing, ensuring that customers can evaluate its quality and style without any additional elements overshadowing it.

3. Consistency across the catalog: Ghost mannequin photography ensures a consistent and standardised presentation of clothing items within a brand’s catalog or e-commerce platform. This consistency in style and format creates a cohesive visual experience for customers, allowing them to compare different products easily and make informed choices.

4. Versatility and flexibility: Ghost mannequin photography offers flexibility in showcasing different types of clothing, including tops, dresses, jackets, and accessories. It allows for capturing multiple angles and views of the garment, such as front, back, and side, providing customers with a comprehensive understanding of the product’s features.

5. Cost-effective solution: Compared to other methods such as live models or flat lay photography, ghost mannequin photography offers a more cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need for hiring models, arranging fittings, and dealing with scheduling conflicts. This efficiency enables brands to photograph a large volume of clothing items quickly and economically.

6. Adaptability for e-commerce: In the booming e-commerce industry, where customers rely solely on visual information, ghost mannequin photography becomes even more crucial. It allows online shoppers to have a clear representation of the clothing, giving them the confidence to make purchases without physically trying on the items.

7. Time-saving editing process: Ghost mannequin photography streamlines the post-production process. Once the images are captured, the mannequin can be digitally removed, saving time and effort in editing. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for brands with tight deadlines or those needing to update their product catalogs frequently.

While other photography techniques certainly have their merits, the realistic representation, focus on clothing, consistency, versatility, cost-effectiveness, adaptability for e-commerce, and time-saving editing process make ghost mannequin photography the most important and widely utilized method for showcasing garments. Its ability to provide customers with an accurate and immersive shopping experience contributes significantly to the success of fashion brands in today’s competitive market.

With more than a decade experience as Amazon Photographer, EtherArts Product Photography is highly recommended for Amazon listing photos.

Apparel Photographer EtherArts Photography offers this service from $25 per picture. They have served varied boutiques and Amazon apparel stores throughout the USA with their exceptional skills and fast turnaround time.

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