Fique Unveils Athletic Wear with EMF Protective Technology

Athletic clothing, featuring silver-lined fabric named SilverShield Technology, offers unmatched protection against EMF’s, blending functionality with fashion.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2024 / — Fique, an emerging leader in athletic wear, announced the launch of its brand and a functional fashion line of EMF protective clothing. By integrating silver-lined fabric into their designs, Fique offers athletes and active individuals a unique blend of style, comfort, and protection against electromagnetic fields. This new approach ensures wearers not only look good but also feel calmer and more positive.

In a world increasingly concerned with the pervasive reach of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and the hidden harmful effects of technology, Fique introduces a timely solution: a line of athletic wear that doesn’t compromise on style or performance. Using advanced SilverShield technology, Fique’s clothing is designed to shield wearers from EMF exposure from various sources such as mobile phones, computers, electricity lines, cell phone towers to name a few which is omnipresent in today’s digital and urban environments.

The brand launch includes a variety of products, with a focus on athletic wear that caters to both the casual enthusiast, dedicated athlete and fashion enthusiast. Each piece combines cutting-edge technology with fashion-forward design, ensuring that wearers can enjoy both the physical and mental benefits of reduced EMF exposure. Fique offers the option to have garments made-to-measure by utilising Artificial Intelligence measurements, anyone around the world can now have made-tomeasure clothing.

“The Fique team is excited to introduce our brand and our innovative EMF protective athletic wear,” said the Fique team. “We believe in the importance of well-being in every aspect of life, including how we interact with technology. Our clothing is designed to make people feel calmer and more positive, enhancing their overall lifestyle without sacrificing style or performance.”

Fique is committed to providing functional, designer clothing that meets the needs of the modern consumer. With a focus on health, well-being, and sustainability, Fique’s mission is to create clothing that supports a balanced and active lifestyle, enabling wearers to feel confident and protected in any setting.

Hallberg and Johansson in their publication have earlier reported about a strong association between body-resonant non-ionizing radiation (FM-radio, 100MHz) and the existence of malignant melanoma of the skin. Since this frequency range has a penetration depth of about 10 cm into the human body, there is a suspicion that resonant currents may affect the immune defence system.

Living organisms, us human beings included are made to adapt to constant stressors, but when these stressors are varied such as with EMF that changes unpredictably, living organisms cannot adapt to such stressors.

Fique is an innovative athletic wear brand committed to blending functionality with fashion. With a mission to provide clothing that offers protection against electromagnetic fields and bring awareness of the issue that everyday individuals seem to miss, Fique ensures that every piece is crafted with the highest quality materials utilising exotic sustainable fabrics. The brand is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of its customers, offering stylish solutions for those seeking to reduce their exposure to EMF and improve their quality of life. Available at

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