From Ghost Mall to Hobbyist Heaven: Anime Alley and Banana Games Breathe New Life into Toronto’s Shops at Aura

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Reimagining Toronto’s languishing Shops at Aura, Anime Alley and Banana Games unite to create a vibrant hub akin to Japan’s Nakano Broadway.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 20, 2023/ — Retail history is in the making as Anime Alley Hobbyshop and Banana Games join forces to turn the once-forgotten Shops at Aura into a bustling hub of anime, gaming, and collectibles, akin to Japan’s famed Nakano Broadway.

This ambitious endeavor is spearheaded by the youthful and dynamic Costa brothers (Joseph Costa and Evan Costa) of Anime Alley, fresh off the heels of their successful grand opening on July 13th, and the seasoned team behind Banana Games. Together, they are revolutionizing the retail landscape of downtown Toronto.

“Toronto Meets Nakano Broadway!” Under this guiding vision, Anime Alley and Banana Games are bringing an unprecedented, immersive shopping experience to Canada. Their shared aim is to create a thriving hub that embodies the unique vibrancy and variety of Nakano Broadway, known for its rich array of anime, gaming, and collectibles stores.

Anime Alley, a haven for Pokémon Cards, Sports Cards, Anime Figures, and Banana Games, Toronto’s leading destination for gaming enthusiasts, will be the flagship stores driving this transformation. Together, they aim to breathe new life into the Shops at Aura, turning it from a languishing retail space into a bustling centre for hobbyists and collectors.

“We see this transformation as a commitment to creating a unique retail experience and fostering a vibrant community for hobbyists in Toronto,” said Evan Costa. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Banana Games to bring this vision to life.”

This retail revival is about more than just reimagining a shopping mall. It’s about creating a unique destination for Toronto’s pop culture enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of products, and supporting local businesses. Inspired by Nakano Broadway, the new Shops at Aura will house an eclectic mix of stores offering everything from vintage records to rare figurines.

About Anime Alley Hobbyshop and Banana Games:

Anime Alley Hobbyshop and Banana Games are key players in Toronto’s retail scene. Anime Alley, founded by the young Costa brothers, caters to enthusiasts of Pokémon Cards, Sports Cards, and Anime Figures. Banana Games is a gaming destination renowned for its wide variety of offerings. Together, they’re set to transform the Shops at Aura into Canada’s answer to Nakano Broadway.


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