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Inside the Luxurious World of Interior Design

Inside the Luxurious World of Interior Design

Industry experts share the decor features that instantly evoke tranquility and elegance

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / — Every decade has design trends that define the era. Peace-evoking luxury, and in turn biophilic design, are shaping up to be the top looks of the 2020s.

Blame it on the pandemic or the rise of minimalism in the late 2010s, but homeowners want their spaces to benefit their well-being while looking as elegant as possible. If homes were merely stomping grounds or resting places before, they have become bona fide sanctuaries in the 2020s. They’re the places we spent the majority of the first years of the decade, and we used that time to make them as serene and nourishing as possible.

Now, four years after initial lockdown mandates, homeowners are still seeking to transform their spaces into havens of serenity. They’re looking to interior design experts to guide them in achieving this delicate balance of opulence and calm. Fortunately, leaders in the field are just as enthusiastic about sharing their tranquility-inducing design secrets.

The Power of Natural Beauty

Humans have a deep-rooted desire to immerse themselves in calming environments. Certain natural locations, like forests and beaches, are known to bring us feelings of peace and happiness. It’s now been proven that certain decor styles can help recreate these feelings in interior spaces.

Studies conducted by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have shown that biophilic – or natural – elements in interior decor provide a restorative effect that reduces stress.

“Scientists are doing plenty of research on this topic and finding the most incredible results. They have shown the ability of interior design elements to evoke a positive or negative emotional response in people. These findings open the door to design spaces that consciously manipulate decorative elements with the goal of encouraging creativity, peace, and happiness,” shared Chloe Taylor, a contributor of Psychology Tomorrow magazine.

Leading interior designers are happily embracing the neuroscientific aspect of decor, tapping into biophilic design elements that do so much more than create a chic aesthetic.

Building the Foundations of Biophilic Design

Described as a design concept that increases human connection to nature through built environments, biophilic design is a great way to enjoy luxurious home harmony.

There are many ways interior designers are incorporating natural elements into their design projects, but one of the most popular ones is through the foundation of the home. Hardwood flooring is a beneficial choice for a serenity-evoking luxury home. Not only does it create instant ties to one of mother nature’s most nurturing marvels, the forest, but it also exudes sophistication and refinement.

And while there are many hardwood flooring options on the market, the nation’s leading decorators are turning to one company for all their biophilic foundation needs.

Honoring Mother Nature with European Flooring

European Flooring is recognized for its service and high-quality hardwood planks, making them the most logical choice among top interior designers, architects, and homeowners seeking serenity in their luxury home projects.

The company specializes in old growth European hardwood planks that showcase the natural beauty of the trees they come from. European Flooring works exclusively with Legno Bastone, a European company that has been ethically sourcing high quality planks for five generations. Legno Bastone have become experts at sustainably cultivating trees and preserving forests, and their products are a reflection of their dedication. Each plank has its own organic charm, perfect for recreating the tranquility of the woods in any space.

In turn, European Flooring works hard to maintain the integrity of the trees and has perfected a high-quality formula that keeps each plank beautiful for decades to come. Their hardwood surpasses industry standards with its climate-resistant marine-grade core and all natural UV-cured, hard-wax oil protective finish. With a formula free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds), European Flooring’s planks ensure luxury homes across the nation are safe from harmful fumes.

Timeless Beauty and Enduring Appeal

Apart from their natural beauty, European Flooring’s hardwood planks exude a distinctive elegance that sets them apart from other flooring styles. From honey-hued light woods to rich dark varieties, hardwood boasts an enduring sophistication that creates a timeless appeal for all. Interior designers and high-end realtors consider it a must-have in terms of style and durability, making it popular among luxury biophilic design homes.

Harmonized with other natural design elements like plants, live edge furniture, and earthy color palettes, hardwood flooring plays a pivotal role in creating luxury spaces and serves as a well-being booster.

European Flooring has helped countless clients achieve the perfect balance of resplendence and relaxation in their design projects. Designers, architects, and hands-on homeowners seeking to infuse their homes with an aura of opulence and serenity, can entrust the Florida-based luxury hardwood flooring company to bring their vision to life.

To explore their full collections of sophisticated European hardwood flooring, visit or contact 1-888-995-9433. Those seeking design inspiration can follow the company’s social media channels: @europeanflooringofmiami, @europeanflooringofpalmbeach, @europeanflooringofftlauderdale and @europeanflooringofsaltlakecity.

About European Flooring
European Flooring are award-winning luxury hardwood flooring experts. Recognized for their premium service and European hardwood planks, the company has grown a loyal following of leading interior designers, architects, and discerning homeowners. European Flooring are currently based in Florida, where they serve clients through their physical galleries in Miami, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, as well as their digital platforms.

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