Launch of Yipi! to Revolutionize the Way Entrepreneurs and Inventors  Connect with Customers

CINCINNATI, OH, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 / — Yipi!, a curated social marketplace that aims to unite purpose-driven, innovative brands with consumers seeking those types of products, is proud to announce its official launch today. With a mission to facilitate meaningful connections and inspire discovery, Yipi! leverages the power of social media influencers and industry experts to create a dynamic e-commerce platform.

Founded by Betsy Emery Martin, the CEO and visionary behind Yipi!, the company was built with the idea of “digital for good.” By utilizing powerful algorithms to learn about users’ desired paths, Yipi! helps bring them more of what aligns with their interests. Through its tagline “Yipi! Follow Your Path, Discover New Finds,” the company encourages users to explore new and exciting products that resonate with their values.

Sellers on the platform will join a strategic partnership intended to enhance brand credibility, effectively link them to their target customers seeking precisely what they’re selling, and provide savvy marketing and public relations powered by industry-leading professionals to optimize exposure. Yipi! will provide equal opportunity to start-ups and established brands by imparting the same tools and access, which will level the playing field and ensure that all can succeed in reaching their ideal demographic.

The core strengths and value propositions offered by Yipi! include:

1. PR through its partner company ORCA Communications USA: Yipi! maximizes exposure for its vendors by leveraging effective public relations strategies with America’s leading PR firm for inventors and entrepreneurs;

2. Strategic alliances built into the business model: Vendors can gain from strategic partnerships including VayaConnect (, a growth consultancy that helps some of the world’s most loved and industry-leading brands drive customer engagement, performance, and R.O.I., and The United Inventors Association (, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and advocacy to the inventing community;

3. Social media expertise: Yipi!’s team comprehends the intricacies of the social media landscape and possesses cutting-edge strategies to optimize exposure and engagement;

4. High-profile collaborations: By collaborating with social media influencers and industry experts, Yipi! enhances its customers’ marketing efforts and boosts their credibility. Vendors will benefit from exciting collaborations with prominent social media influencers and industry experts, which will present each partner with an advantageous brand alignment;

5. Targeted customer acquisition: Yipi! is committed to delivering the right customers for its clients’ products by effectively linking them with their target consumers. As Yipi! seeks to connect entrepreneurs and inventors with ideal customers, its target audience primarily consists of: Millennials and Generation Z who are influential early adopters and enthusiastic about discovering new products; College-educated individuals who appreciate innovation and seek products that align with their values; Urban dwellers who are often at the forefront of the latest trends and are more likely to embrace new experiences; Tech-savvy individuals with higher-than-average income levels who are more likely to embrace new technologies and online marketplaces; Social media users who are active in sharing their experiences and seeking recommendations from their peers; Those interested in health and wellness who gravitate towards eco-friendly and sustainable products; and individuals with a solid environmental and social consciousness who actively support purpose-driven brands.

“We are thrilled to officially launch Yipi! and provide a platform that connects entrepreneurs and inventors with customers who are seeking their exceptional products,” said Betsy Emery Martin, CEO and founder of Yipi! “Our goal is to inspire discovery, empower innovators, and facilitate meaningful connections. We believe that through Yipi!, entrepreneurs and inventors can thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Yipi! is excited to welcome inventors and entrepreneurs to its platform and is confident that its curated marketplace will help propel products into the hands of their target customers. By utilizing the power of social media, strategic partnerships, and tailored marketing strategies, Yipi! aims to revolutionize the way brands connect with their audience.

For more information about Yipi! and how it can benefit inventors and entrepreneurs, please visit

About Yipi!:

Yipi! is a curated social marketplace that connects purpose-driven, innovative brands with consumers seeking those products. By leveraging social media influencers and industry experts, Yipi! facilitates meaningful connections and inspires discovery. The company aims to unite entrepreneurs and inventors with ideal customers through a dynamic e-commerce platform. For more information, visit

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