Lumizen CBD Introduces Wholesale Program

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Lumizen Wellness CBD Margarita

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Lumizen Wellness Vibe with CBD

Lumizen CBD Introduces Wholesale Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Wholesale Program”

— Matt Meagher

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2023/ — Lumizen CBD, a pioneering name in the CBD market, has officially launched its much-anticipated Wholesale Program, aimed at providing outstanding products and unprecedented opportunities for CBD stores, smoke shops, and independent retailers. With a focus on low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and competitive pricing, Lumizen CBD is set to revolutionize the industry and strengthen partnerships with businesses across the nation.

As a frontrunner in the CBD market, Lumizen CBD has built its reputation on an unwavering commitment to quality, efficacy, and customer satisfaction. The company is renowned for its exceptional pain salves and artisan-flavored tincture oils, with sought-after varieties such as Margarita and Pumpkin Spice that continue to captivate consumers’ taste buds.

The Wholesale Program is a strategic move by Lumizen CBD to share its success with businesses looking to expand their product offerings and cater to the growing demand for premium CBD products. By offering low MOQs, Lumizen CBD allows retailers of all sizes to access its exceptional lineup without overburdening their inventory, ensuring flexibility and reduced financial risks.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Wholesale Program,” said Matt Meagher, the Chief Marketing Officer of Lumizen CBD. “As a leader in the CBD market, we see this as an opportunity to partner with retailers and equip them with top-notch CBD products that will undoubtedly boost their sales and customer loyalty. Our artisanal flavored tincture oils, such as Margarita and Pumpkin Spice, have been a big hit among consumers, and we can’t wait to see them available in more stores.”

Key features of Lumizen CBD’s Wholesale Program include:

Low MOQs: Retailers can benefit from Lumizen CBD’s diverse product range with low minimum order quantities, allowing them to test new offerings and optimize their inventory management.

Competitive Pricing: Lumizen CBD is dedicated to ensuring its wholesale partners receive the best prices in the market, enabling them to enjoy higher profit margins and a competitive edge.

Premium Product Line: Lumizen CBD’s pain salves and artisan-flavored tincture oils, known for their exceptional quality, potency, and unique flavors, are now accessible to retailers nationwide.

Dedicated Support: Lumizen CBD offers personalized assistance and guidance to its wholesale partners, fostering strong, long-lasting relationships built on mutual success.

With the Wholesale Program, Lumizen CBD aims to foster growth and expansion within the CBD industry while setting new standards for excellence and innovation.

For more information about Lumizen CBD’s Wholesale Program or to become a wholesale partner, interested retailers are encouraged to visit the official website at

About Lumizen CBD:

Lumizen CBD is a leading name in the CBD market, committed to providing premium, safe, and effective CBD products to customers worldwide. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Lumizen CBD has garnered a loyal following of consumers seeking natural alternatives for their well-being.

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