Mr. Cool Mini Split Systems: Introducing the Latest Innovation in Home Cooling

MrCool Single Zone DIY Mini Split System

MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Ceiling Cassette

MRCOOL Single Zone DIY Mini Split Ceiling Cassette

Mr. Cool has launched their newest product – the Mr. Cool Mini Split. This innovative cooling system is set to revolutionize the way people cool their homes.

We understand the desire for a cool and energy-efficient home, especially during the summer months. Mr. Cool Mini Splits offer a perfect solution – effective cooling with significant cost savings.”

— Jeremy Gilley

TAMPA, FL, USA, March 13, 2024 / — As summer temperatures soar, MiniSplit Warehouse is excited to announce the availability of the groundbreaking Mr. Cool Mini Split system. This innovative cooling solution promises to redefine home comfort with its efficiency, flexibility, and quiet operation.

A Compact and Customizable Cooling Experience

The Mr. Cool Mini Splits break away from traditional bulky air conditioners. This compact system features a discreet outdoor unit paired with a sleek indoor unit that seamlessly mounts on your wall or ceiling. Unlike central air conditioning, each Mr. Cool Mini Split unit operates independently, allowing for customized temperature control in different rooms.

Energy Efficiency Meets Quiet Performance

The Mr. Cool Mini Split prioritizes both environmental and economic benefits. Unlike traditional systems that lose cool air through ducts, Mr. Cool Mini Split delivers conditioned air directly to the targeted room, minimizing energy waste and lowering electricity bills. Additionally, the system is renowned for its quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment in any room.

“A Perfect Choice for Homeowners Seeking Comfort and Savings”

“We’re delighted to introduce the Mr. Cool Mini Split to our customers,” says Jeremy Gilley, CEO of MiniSplit Warehouse.

Availability and Invitation to Explore

The Mr Cool Mini Split system is now available for purchase at and select retailers nationwide. With its compact design, energy-saving features, and customizable cooling options, the Mr. Cool Mini Split is poised to become a top choice for homeowners seeking optimal comfort this summer.

Visit today to explore the Mr. Cool Mini Split system and discover a cooler, more comfortable, and energy-efficient way to beat the heat!

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