Pioneers in Retail and Robotics, VenHub and DoBot Robotics, Enter Into a Letter of Intent

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via IBN – VenHub, the innovator behind the groundbreaking Smart Stores and a proud subsidiary of Autonomous Solutions Inc., and DoBot Robotics, a global leader in robotics, have made a bold step towards a potentially game-changing partnership. The two companies have entered into a Letter of Intent, setting the stage for exploratory discussions that could alter the face of the retail and robotics landscape. 

This Letter of Intent outlines the initial understanding between the two companies and sets the stage for a strong strategic partnership for future collaboration. This joint exploration showcases the foresight and commitment of both organizations in their pursuit of innovation that pushes the boundaries and transcends the traditional shopping experience.

In light of this development, Jerry Liu, CEO of DoBot Robotics, said: “Our mission at DoBot has always been to transform how we live, work, and interact with groundbreaking robotic technology. The opportunity to explore a partnership with VenHub, a company that shares our passion for innovation, is genuinely exhilarating.”

VenHub, with its revolutionary Autonomous Smart Stores, has reshaped the retail industry, turning it into an arena of limitless potential. A possible collaboration with DoBot Robotics would blend innovative retail solutions and advanced robotics, hinting at a future where operational efficiencies and the consumer experience are seamlessly intertwined.

Shahan Ohanessian, CEO of VenHub, stated: “Both VenHub and DoBot Robotics share a commitment to revolutionize our respective industries. This shared vision makes this potential partnership exceptionally thrilling. We believe that by combining our resources, we can create a retail ecosystem that is not just about buying and selling, but about enhancing everyday experiences for consumers worldwide.”

The alignment of VenHub’s retail innovation and DoBot’s robotics expertise promises to forge a new direction that could redefine retail’s very nature. Their combined power and commitment could unlock untold potential, blurring the lines between the physical and digital retail landscapes.

Closing on an anticipatory note, Ohanessian continued: “This partnership holds the promise of unlocking new potential in the retail space. We are excited about the possibilities ahead of VenHub, for our shareholders, pre-order clients, and worldwide partners. Please stay tuned as our journey continues with limitless possibilities.”

These are exciting times as the pioneers in retail and robotics take a monumental step toward a possible collaboration. Stay tuned as the two leaders pave the way towards a collaborative effort that promises to redefine the boundaries of retail and robotics, creating a seamless and enriching shopping experience for consumers worldwide. The retail revolution is only just beginning.

VenHub is still taking investors until Thursday, August 24. Learn more about investing in VenHub’s investment round here.

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