Proper Dirty Clothing Introduces “Quiet Luxury” to Vancouver’s Fashion Scene

The brand’s collections represent a unique narrative, intricately woven into the garments’ silhouettes, fabrics, and graphics.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 13, 2023/ — Proper Dirty Clothing, a leading luxury designer label based in Vancouver, is proud to announce its unique approach to fashion with the introduction of “Quiet Luxury.” Unlike traditional brands that rely on repetitive logos, Proper Dirty Clothing focuses on high-quality fabrics, trims, and craftsmanship to create products that tell a captivating story. With an unwavering commitment to local production, Proper Dirty Clothing competes on the global stage, offering collections that rival major brands in terms of quality and artistry.

Proper Dirty Clothing is at the forefront of the “Quiet Luxury” trend, redefining the fashion landscape in Vancouver. By merging personal narratives with modern silhouettes, this unisex label showcases the art of playwriting and theatrics, inviting its audience to participate in a conversation that transcends traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. Each garment carries a sustainable charm that derives from the meticulous details, establishing a deep connection with wearers, and weaving unique collections of memories and experiences.

“We believe in blurring the boundaries between personal and play, creating a continual pursuit of ideas that link subcultures, offering more than mere aesthetics,” says Ashkan Alaie, Creative Director of Proper Dirty Clothing. “Our goal is to strike a balance between duality and juxtaposition, exploring conflicts and resolutions. We respect the creative process and strive to establish resonance within the complexities and experiences of humanity, leading to self-reflection through artistic expression and high-quality products.”

Proper Dirty Clothing stands out in the industry by delivering what others in the market niche don’t. As one of the only luxury designer brands based in Vancouver, they proudly produce their high-quality garments locally. Their dedication to sourcing world-class fabrics and trims, combined with exceptional craftsmanship, ensures that they compete on a global scale. Despite their pursuit of excellence, Proper Dirty Clothing remains committed to the principles of slow fashion, focusing on the creation of the best-quality clothing, rather than high-output mediocrity. Moreover, their price points are significantly lower than those of comparable brands, offering customers exceptional value for their investment.

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About the Company

Proper Dirty Clothing is a Canadian luxury designer brand that produces unisex clothing in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2019 by Ashkan Alaie, the self-taught fashion designer, the brand is known for its high-quality craftsmanship, world-class fabrics and trims, and captivating storytelling. With a focus on “Quiet Luxury,” Proper Dirty Clothing blurs the boundaries between personal and play, offering a unique fashion experience that resonates with individuals seeking authenticity and self-expression.

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