San Diego Terahertz Wand Company Becoming A Top Selling Terahertz Wand Distributor

Terahertz wand models from multiple manufacturers on display

How does a terahertz wand work? A chart showing the effects of a terahertz wand on the body

How does a terahertz wand work? A chart showing the effects of a terahertz wand on the body

Terahertz wand "Big Blue" becoming a top selling model

Terahertz wand “Big Blue” becoming a top selling model

As terahertz wands becoming more popular Americans are looking for terahertz wand companies and distributors to buy wands from. GMG is a leading distributor.

Terahertz wands are becoming more popular and as demand increases for these devices one San Diego based distributor is seeing large growth and purchasing more inventory to meet sale expectations.”

— Sean Callahan

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 16, 2023/ — Terahertz wands are devices that include scaler energy, terahertz frequency, quartz crystal and FAR infrared light and are becoming very popular for homes wellness centers, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture clinics, physical therapy, health spas and more. Although the terahertz wand technology was developed ten years ago it has been the last twenty four months where these “THZ” devices have made their way to the United States. One San Diego based distributor is fast becoming one of the top companies in the United States selling and offering these products to California, Canada and US based customers.

GMG Medical in San Diego started as a durable medical equipment distributor selling a wide range of medical equipment including exam tables to doctor offices, surgical stretchers, transport gurneys, hospital beds and all other types of hospital equipment. As the new terahertz wand technology began to be introduced GMG started researching it and offering it to residential clients purchasing hospital beds and other grounding types of sheets used to reduce inflammation. As time went on more and more word of mouth business started coming and in and thus sales began to increase. Now after two years of being a distributor the “terahertz blower” business is taking off and GMG Medical is starting to see a large number of medical professionals starting to purchase the devices. Although these devices are not classified as medical devices health practitioners and others are finding them useful as an add on service for clients.

“We are having to purchase larger amounts of inventory in advance to prevent from selling out and are seeing a large increase in the purchasing of the professional grade terahertz wands including our “big blue” Pro Max model”, said GMG Medical CEO Gloria Flores. Flores who operates in North County San Diego is also seeing a large increase of calls from Southern California wellness centers adding the terahertz wand technology to existing medical practices. “Many doctors and healthcare professionals are starting to hear about the wands from patients and clients and it has sparked interest and ultimately is one of the larger growing segments of our business”, Flores finished.

The Terahertz frequency sits in between infrared and microwave and the discovery and use of this frequency band was originally discovered in the 1980’s. This frequency coupled with scaler energy and infrared light is a unique and powerful technology which is remarkably affordable with terahertz wand prices ranging from $350 to $2,100 on average. The latter and more expensive models are normally larger and throw off more energy and require less time of use.

Terahertz wand customers are reporting a host of feedback from using the devices from softer skin, reduced wrinkles, reduction in soreness, inflammation and much more. Many websites and Youtube channels are starting to document these terahertz wand testimonials and many can be seen at the GMG Medical website for ordering and purchasing the wands at

As this technology continues to spread through word of mouth experiences so to does the demand and number of sales for these products. With GMG Medical being one of the first distributors to carry and sell these products the sales and number of distributors buying the products also continues to grow.

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