StickerYou Unveils Hundreds of New Die-Cut Shapes: Empower Creativity with the Design Editor

StickerYou’s new die-cut sticker shape templates.

Bring your tattoo ideas to life using StickerYou's new shape template.

Turn a die-cut shape template into a custom temporary tattoo (GIF).

Add new stickers to your laptop using shape templates.

Customize your laptop sticker using new shape templates (GIF).

StickerYou recently launched a new innovation in sticker customization: The Design Editor Tool featuring hundreds of new sticker shape templates to choose from.

This tool has really empowered a lot of customers to be more creative, it has stimulated them with template shapes that, in a way, act as creative content.”

— Andrew Witkin

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 6, 2023/ — StickerYou, a leader in its industry as the fastest-growing global online platform for custom stickers, recently launched a new innovation in sticker customization: The Empowering Design Editor Tool featuring hundreds of new sticker shape templates to choose from. Launching the design editor and new die-cut shapes is a significant step forward for StickerYou as they have made great strides in enabling their customers to create personalized stickers with minimal effort. Introducing a wide variety of shape assortments facilitates user personalization at a level that has never been done before among industry competitors.

When it comes to searching for a specific sticker shape, style, or design, StickerYou’s extensive library of pre–made sticker shapes ensures there is something suitable for everyone. The design editor provides users with an accessible search function, enabling them to search for and locate the ideal sticker shape template that matches their needs in just a matter of a few clicks and keywords. Moreover, users can also customize their sticker shapes to fit the outline of an uploaded image. The ability to easily and quickly create unique stickers for self-expression, advertising, and promotion is a vital tool that anyone, regardless of design experience, can use.

The readily accessible search tool offers exceptional customization opportunities for stickers, labels, and temporary tattoos, as it has thousands of contour die-cut options to cater to individual preferences. Whether expressing passion for a favorite hobby, saving precious travel memories in the form of the country or state’s outline, or even uniquely promoting a small business, StickerYou’s advanced editor provides freedom to experiment with a wide range of compelling cutout concepts, shapes, and additional features. Moreover, users can create unique designs by repositioning images within the sticker shape outline, adjusting the image size, and adding text.

Finding the perfect sticker shape that fits the set requirements is the first step in the exciting customization process. Simply select the shape that best matches the desired vision or use the image upload option to fit the shape template to the uploaded image, then jump straight into the process of personalizing a sticker. The endless amount of sticker shapes enables almost infinite options for creating one-of-a-kind and personalized stickers, labels, or temporary tattoos that convey a sense of identity, regardless of whether it is for personal use, marketing events, or branding.

As StickerYou Founder and CEO Andrew Witkin said, “This tool has really empowered a lot of customers to be more creative, it has stimulated them with template shapes that, in a way, act as creative content.” Sticker shapes are typically restricted to a small set of extremely basic shapes like circles, ovals, triangles, and squares. But with StickerYou’s new die-cut shapes, customers can now go beyond the bounds of traditional sticker shapes and express their creativity with shapes such as Texas state, or any US state, animals such as a cat or dog bone, or diverse objects such as a house, lightning bolt or a beer neck label. This combined with the help of the user-friendly functionality and endless customization options makes for the ultimate in custom sticker or product making.

Witkin adds, “Without specific shape templates found on StickerYou’s editor, a customer couldn’t have done this unless they upload a pdf file with the die-cut.” Customers would need to take further measures and provide PDF files containing die-cut outline specifications if the shapes they are searching for are unavailable. Whereas, StickerYou’s personalization capabilities eliminate the need for that. This has enabled customers to overcome previous challenges by giving them access to various pre-made sticker shapes, and the ability to import their own shape designs. StickerYou’s latest innovation allows anybody to design stickers without requiring previous design skills.

With the introduction of the design editor and a wide variety of sticker shapes to choose from, StickerYou has once again raised the bar for what is possible in the realm of personalized stickers, giving its users a space to unleash their imaginations. Stickers may now be personalized in more ways than ever before.

Andrew concludes, “StickerYou has always pioneered its products on die-cut technology, which is available to everyone, but this new feature shows people all the different types of shapes they can use depending on their design specifications.” Moreover, StickerYou is constantly improving and adding new features, solidifying its status as the best source for creating personalized stickers and labels. So let creativity run wild, and ideas materialize with no bounds.


StickerYou is a global e-commerce leader in custom-printed, die-cut products that empower businesses and consumers to create professional-grade materials for marketing, packaging, décor, and personal expression. Founded in 2008, StickerYou is an influential e-commerce trendsetter, using proprietary die-cut technology to create customized stickers, decals, iron-ons, badges, patches, labels, magnets, and more in orders of one – to hundreds of thousands. Fueled by a creative and passionate team, StickerYou is dedicated to growing the most engaged and talented people in Toronto, Canada.

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