tutch Enters the U.S. to Unlock Retailers’ Next Digital Channel:  Their Physical Stores

Australian Company Will Scale Adoption of Its Platform with Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Looking to Drive New Revenue and Efficiencies Through Digital Experiences

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — tutch, the in-store digital platform giving shoppers access to every product in a retailers’ product ecosystem, is bringing its technology to US brick-and-mortar stores. The Australia-based newcomer will scale US adoption with retailers eager to add digital efficiencies to their physical footprints. In the US, tutch will build on the considerable presence and proven results it has achieved in Australia, where hundreds of stores already rely on its software to sell beyond what’s in the aisles, as well as grow in-store revenue and customer loyalty.

Displayed on interactive screens or digital devices throughout stores, tutch gives shoppers access to all of retailers’ inventory, all in one place. This means retailers can sell more with limited space, spend and stock less, and optimize their store footprints. It additionally introduces new revenue opportunities and insight into in-store shopper preferences and behaviors.

Shoppers are gravitating toward self-service options in stores.

While customers have complete control over how they discover and learn about products online, they are less empowered to do the same in stores. As a result, they’re gravitating toward new forms of self-service convenience to complement the curated shopping format that compels them to shop in brick-and-mortar stores in the first place. According to Allied Market Research, demand for in-store self-service options is projected to hit $88.33 billion by 2030, globally.

“We built tutch to solve real challenges faced by real retailers, while inspiring customers to spend more in store,” said Grant Oayda, founder of tutch. “While many emerging in-store technologies are focused on futuristic offerings, such as holographic staffing or speaking signage, shoppers aren’t looking for gimmicks. We’re focused on giving them the same convenience, guidance and recommendations they’ve become accustomed to online. This creates a value exchange between retailers and their customers.”

Shoppers are usually willing to buy more than they do.

Physical store retailers often have way more inventory than they can carry in a single location. This means customers are limited to what they see in store, rather than what’s actually available. tutch ensures shoppers are presented with retailers’ full product catalogs–from in-store, online and marketplace offerings.

The software surfaces relevant stock items, custom messaging and a tailored journey based on the products the customer is considering, as well as their location in the store. By digitizing the art of the upsell (and cross-sell, add-on or bundle), shoppers naturally discover new items they didn’t even know they were looking for–even when store staff members are unavailable to assist them.

This simplifies purchases for the customer and increases engagement and order values for the retailer. It also sets a foundation for AI to become a powerful driver of retailers’ in-store experiences. Retailers already using tutch have reported successfully increasing Average Order Values by up to 30% and decreasing stock holdings by as much as 28%.

Retailers are embracing new in-store insights and revenue streams.

Not all retailers want to be limited to the traditional wholesale model. tutch prepares them for emerging retail formats, such as marketplacing and drop-shipping from third party partners.

Customers’ direct interactions with the software additionally result in valuable and secure insights into customers and what they’re evaluating in-store. Retailers can use this knowledge to grow relationships with them outside of the store with the goal of increasing repeat purchases, loyalty and lifetime value.

And the screen-based nature of tutch’s software lends to branded digital media space for brands–and new revenue potential for stores.

Built for retailers, by retailers.

tutch’s Oayda spent 35 years building and running a chain of retail stores across Australia. This led him to team up with skilled developers to apply his first-hand retail experience to building technology that could transform the physical store space, accelerate sales and increase staff productivity.

tutch’s cloud-based software powers a touch-enabled journey displayed on any screens that retailers want throughout their stores–and across store locations. Its customizable and configurable retailer portal enables retailers to curate the experience they want and evolve it over time.


About tutch

tutch is a technology company, whose in-store digital platform makes it more likely that shoppers will purchase–and spend more. Bridging the gap between online and physical retail, tutch’s solution gives in-store customers a self-service option for easily exploring retailers’ full product catalogs–spanning what’s available in the aisles, online and across their larger marketplace offerings. The software surfaces relevant stock items, custom messaging and a tailored journey based on the products the customer is considering, as well as their location in the store. Created by retailers, for retailers, tutch puts customers in control of their shopping experiences, so retailers can increase in-store revenue and optimize spend.
The Microsoft-backed company has operations in the U.S. and Australia.

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