Vioscapes Debuts Innovative, Sustainable Modular Gardening Products at Lawn & Garden Show

Vioscapes durable garden bed made from recycled and organic materials

First to Drive Ocean Plastics Reuse into Garden and Landscape Product Categories

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2024 / — Vioscapes (, Simple, Strong and Sustainable gardening and landscaping solutions, launched its innovative line of easy-to-assemble, durable planters and garden beds to the gardening world at the St. Louis National Lawn & Garden Show from June 17-19.

Vioscapes’ proprietary EcoVioTM Composite is 1oo% recycled and made up of 40% ocean plastics and 60% hard natural fibers resulting in stronger products that are backed up with longer warranties than similar products made from wood, metal or typical wood-plastic composites. The company’s Easy-Notch Installation System gives users a simple tool-free construction that means no missing parts or leftover hardware.

“We are excited to welcome Vioscapes to its first Lawn and Garden Show to unveil its groundbreaking ideas on sustainability and eco-friendly materials to the gardening industry,” said Rose Schmidt of the National Lawn and Garden Show. “I’m sure our members will learn a lot and be inspired by their approach.”

Vioscapes has partnered with Chao Plastico del Mar to remove plastic from oceans and rivers. All of its products have a QR code, specific to that production batch, enabling the purchaser to go to the Vioscapes’ website and see from which oceans/rivers their plastic was recovered. “Our mission is to reclaim and reuse over 10 million pounds of ocean plastics in under 10 years,” noted Vioscapes President & Founder Steve Stephens. “Even our packaging is compostable, and doubles as great weed barriers, too. We are committed to designing products that meet the needs of eco-conscious gardeners who value sustainability without sacrificing quality.”

About the NLGS:

Since its inception in 1995, the National Lawn & Garden Show has been dedicated to fostering professional connections within the lawn and garden industry emphasizing the importance of professional engagement among companies and individuals in the field.

About Vioscapes:

Vioscapes is part of a larger community – the Thrive Outside family of brands. Together, the companies are focused on crafting high-quality products with intuitive designs that help people enjoy life outside, all while leaving the planet better than they found it. Vioscapes is known for being the first to drive ocean plastics reuse into a broad set of gardening and landscaping product categories. Propelled by two statistics, less than 9% of all plastics are recycled and reused and by 2050 plastics in the ocean will weigh more than the fish that live there, Vioscapes created their proprietary EcoVioTM Composite. All of their products are constructed from this durable material which is 1oo% recycled and made up of 40% ocean plastics to meet the company’s mission to reclaim 10 million pounds of ocean plastics in the next 10 years. In keeping with the Thrive Outside values, Vioscapes enables people to enjoy gardening with a purpose.

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