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Ann Laws Launches Laws Property Portugal, Redefining Real Estate with 2.5% Maximum Commission – A New Era in Online Property Sales!

LAGOS, ALGARVE, PORTUGAL, January 17, 2024 / — Ann Laws, a distinguished professional with a remarkable 40-year career that spans various industries, including the London publishing sector, international print production sales, hospitality, and real estate sales in both the UK and Portugal, is set to make waves in the real estate world. Ann is introducing Laws Property Portugal, an innovative online property business that aims to redefine industry norms with a maximum sales commission of just 2.5%.

Ann Laws, drawing on her extensive expertise, has recognized an opportune moment to embark on this groundbreaking venture. Her decision to enter the online real estate market coincides with a growing trend towards digitalization and a shift in consumer preferences. Unlike traditional real estate practices, Laws Property Portugal leverages the power of the internet, offering a host of marketing tools to engage a global audience.

Instead of investing in physical high-street properties with associated costs, Ann Laws has chosen to allocate significant resources to create a cutting-edge website, designed by one of the industry’s foremost web developers. In a digital age where the internet has become the new global high street, this strategic decision aligns perfectly with the evolving marketplace.

Laws Property Portugal operates with a steadfast commitment to putting the customer first. Providing attentive service, an intricate understanding of the marketplace, and a genuine commitment to listening to clients’ needs are the bedrock principles of this forward-thinking venture. Ann Laws attributes her past successes to professionalism, dedication, and these core values. Coupled with a highly competitive sales commission structure that empowers property vendors with greater marketing flexibility, Laws Property Portugal offers a win-win proposition for all involved.

Ann Laws brings a contagious enthusiasm to her business, and her positive energy is palpable. The message is unmistakable – let’s engage, collaborate with Laws Property Portugal, and unlock opportunities where all parties emerge as winners. The potential for successful property deals awaits!

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