British Citizen Ashley Tierney 4 years in Mauritius Prison Physically and Mentally Tortured in Disturbing Conditions

Foreign Prisoners Network

Ashley Tierney, a British Citizen, is in desperate need of help. He has been held in custody under extreme conditions in Mauritius for almost 4 years.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 18, 2023/ — Ashley was forced to bring the drugs into Mauritius as one of his friends has a debt problem with local criminals. His friend had to bring the Heroin into the country but as Ashley was with him at the moment they threatened his friend, he was forced to bring Heroin into Mauritius as well.

The moment they arrived at Mauritius Airport, they informed Mauritius Customs at the airport about their situation and were convinced they would help them out of this story. Unfortunately, the opposite came to the reality of their worst nightmare.

Ashley is an intelligent gentleman and has several certificates in the technical supply of the construction industry. Ashley has a son of 12 years old which makes the case more complicated and emotional. Today Ashley is held pre-trial in remand within the prison system of Mauritius. He is now detained almost 4 years without any further investigation or without even lodging his case in front of a judge. Every 21 days, his remand is extended by a judge who has no information about the case at all but simply extends the remands with another 21 days for every prisoner who comes in front of her.

In the meanwhile, during the past 3.5 years, Ashley is extremely physically tortured by the officers in charge. Hit by 10 prison officers in charge while Ashley was cuffed with hands and feet, 6 weeks sleeping in a dark room under a stroboscope and without any food or water. He has no access to toilet paper, clean water or even warm water to take a shower. The circumstances in the Mauritius Prison System are extremely inhumane despite the several human rights agreements with several international human rights bodies.

The prison system of Mauritius is wellknown for extreme long remands without any form of trial. Ashley is detained in the High-Security Prison System of Melrose. The only place where they held foreigners separated from the community! There is no daily program and even education is forbidden by the prison commissioner. Letters written to the commissioner of prisons in Mauritius, with the request to follow the human rights agreements, are being ignored now for several times. Meanwhile the situation becomes worser every day.

As Mauritius has signed several Human Rights agreements with Amnesty International, The United Nations for Human Rights and Treaties and the African Commission of Human Rights, we are fighting to get the case of Ashley and others to be struck out as an immediate result of the many physical and mental tortures. We can’t wait until something worse will happen as a result of the bad prison conditions in Mauritius.

Ashley is 36 years old and is a father of a young child. He is currently being mentally and physically abused in prison. His situation is devastating, and to make matters worse, he is in dire need of legal representation.

Today, the organization Foreign Prisoners Network is trying to get Ashley out of this inhumane prison system, to get him back with his family. We want to raise awareness and funds for Ashley’s case. Donations will be used to pay his legal fees and to support his efforts to strike out the case with the Mauritian government. Additionally, funds will be used to facilitate his deportation back to the UK where he will be reunited with his family.

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