Crowdfunding Saves Osaka’s ‘Sakai Knives’: Preserving Heritage Amid Successor Shortage

Sakai Knives set products lineup

Sakai Knives set products lineup

Craftsmanship of Sakai Knives

Craftsmanship of Sakai Knives

Join us in spreading awareness of Sakai knives’ 600-year legacy and craft continuity. Early bird ends April 3rd, 8:59 PM EST.

SUMIDA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 28, 2024 / — On March 28, 2023, in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, and Sakai City, Osaka — Red Horse Corporation, a Japanese company based in Tokyo, is dedicated to projects aimed at regional development throughout Japan, including consulting on local products, promoting tourism, and facilitating inbound travel. The mission is to share the beauty of Japan and ensure its sustainability for generations to come. In collaboration with the local artisans, Red Horse Corporation is currently crowdfunding for a product steeped in tradition and passion, aimed at addressing issues surrounding Sakai knives, traditional crafts of Sakai City, Osaka, which have come to light through these initiatives.

With crowdfunding due to end on April 22nd, 12:59 AM (EST), there’s only a short time left until the end of the early bird period, which ends on April 3rd at 8:59 PM (EST).

The goal is to spread awareness of the greatness of Sakai knives, with their 600-year history, to as many people as possible, solicit support to resolve the shortage of successors, and ensure the continuation of this splendid craftsmanship.

■Crowdfunding Details

(US Time)

・Campaign period: March 20th, 8:00 PM 〜April 22nd, 12:59 AM(EST)
・Early Bird: Project start 〜 April 3rd, 8:59 PM(EST)

■We have created four unique knives for the Kickstarter campaign.

Promotion Video:
Content Creator based in Japan introduced Sakai Knives:

■Crowdfunding Background

Japanese craftsmanship is renowned worldwide across various industries for its exceptional quality. This reputation stems from the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to manufacturing passed down through generations. “Heritage Knife – Sakai” is a range of hand forged kitchen knives from Sakai City, Osaka. Holding over 90% share in the professional chef knife sector in Japan (, the mission is to share the legacy of these Sakai Bladesmiths with the world and provide support to the artisans who have dedicated their lives to this craft.

Currently, there is a pressing issue concerning the succession of the craftsmanship, as there is a severe shortage of successors. This stems from both the aging of business owners and craftsmen, as well as a lack of new labor entering the field. To ensure the continuation of the invaluable craftsmanship and history of Sakai Uchihamono, it is imperative to train young artisans.

■Presenting four ‘Sakai Kitchen Knives’ making their global debut this year

Japanese high-quality kitchen knives are known for being tailored to the specific type of food being cut.
① Sakai Toji Black Striking Petit Knife
A compact kitchen knife for peeling vegetables, deveining shrimp, and cutting fruit.
Size: Approximately 120mm.
・10% off Early Bird price: Approximately $220USD(¥33,000JPY)
・Support Amount: Approximately $245USD(¥36,700JPY)

② Sakai Toji Black Striking Kiritsuke Santoku Knife
A versatile kitchen knife for slicing fish, meat, and vegetables.
Size: Approximately 180mm.
・10% off Early Bird price: Approximately $300USD(¥45,000JPY)
・Support Amount: Approximately $333USD(¥50,000JPY)

③ Sakai Toji Black Striking Sujihiki Knife
A robust knife capable of cutting through various meats.
Size: Approximately 240mm.
・10% off Early Bird price: Approximately $300USD(¥45,000JPY)
・Support Amount: Approximately $333USD(¥50,000JPY)

④ Sakai Toji Black Striking Nakiri Knife
Designed specifically for cutting vegetables with precision.
Size: Approximately 180mm.
・10% off Early Bird price: Approximately $270USD (¥40,500JPY)
・Support Amount: Approximately $300USD (¥45,000JPY)

※There are product sets available that combine multiple knives.
※The shipping cost remains unchanged for individual items. It’s advantageous to purchase set items.

■Three Key Features

①Kuro-uchi Kitchen Knives
Kuro-uchi kitchen knives feature the deep, rich appearance inherent to iron. We’ve crafted these knives with a focus on design, imbuing them with a rugged, handcrafted feel that exudes a sense of capability and presence. The black rust formed during quenching adds a unique beauty to the knife, while its original state stabilizes the iron and prevents rusting. Resistant to wear and tear, these knives offer long-lasting performance.

②Octagonal Handle
Balance is paramount in Japanese kitchen knives, so we’ve opted for an octagonal handle that is lightweight, durable, and ergonomically designed for a comfortable, non-slip grip. We’ve prioritized ease of use and grip comfort with this design. The octagonal handle provides a secure grip and prevents slipping during use.

③Handcrafted by Specialized Artisans
Each of our knives is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans certified as traditional craftsmen, each specializing in their respective fields. With utmost care and attention to detail, these skilled craftsmen produce the proud kitchen knives of Sakai Toji.

■Redhorse Corporation corporate profile

Head office address:Kokugikan Front Building, 2nd Floor, 1-10-5 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0015, Japan
TEL: +81-570-003155
Establishment:March 1, 1964
Capital:100 million yen Number of employees:324*
*Includes full-time employees, temporary employees and contract employees (as of April 2023)
Representative:Kensuke Yamada,President and Representative Executive Officer

Keiko Takeda/Kao Josho
Public Relations Officer
+81 3-6821-1752
[email protected]

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