DECTA Open Banking integrates with Noda for seamless payments

Noda X DECTA workshop

Igor Loktev (CEO, Noda) at the Payments: Future Perfect workshop

DECTA Open Banking has now integrated with Noda, boosting our Gateway client offerings

Open Banking has emerged as a key driver of innovation in the financial industry”

— Nikola Tchakarov, Head of Market Expansion at Noda.

LONDON, UK, June 26, 2023/ — “We are thrilled to partner with Noda and integrate DECTA Open Banking into our Gateway platform,” says Norberts Millers, Product Owner at DECTA. “This integration opens up new possibilities for our merchants, allowing them to tap into the power of Open Banking and offer seamless payment experiences to customers across different markets, including the United Kingdom”.

DECTA Open Banking empowers businesses to leverage the advantages of Open Banking, enabling them to streamline cross-border payments and reduce reliance on traditional banking intermediaries. By integrating with Noda, a leading technology provider, DECTA expands its reach and offers enhanced payment capabilities to its clients.

“Open Banking has emerged as a key driver of innovation in the financial industry,” states Nikola Tchakarov, Head of Market Expansion at Noda. “By integrating DECTA Open Banking with Noda, we provide both of our clients with a robust solution that enables them to tap into the global marketplace and deliver efficient and cost-effective international transactions”.

The integration of DECTA Open Banking with Noda allows merchants to leverage the benefits of Open Banking, such as secure access to customer banking data and the ability to initiate payments directly from customers’ bank accounts. This not only streamlines the payment process but also enhances security and reduces transaction costs, ultimately improving the customer experience.

“DECTA Open Banking, combined with Noda’s expertise, offers a comprehensive solution for merchants seeking to expand their payment options and reach a broader customer base,” adds Tchakarov. “Whether it’s facilitating international transactions or catering to customers in the United Kingdom, our integration empowers businesses to offer seamless and convenient payment experiences”.

DECTA encourages businesses interested in exploring the benefits of DECTA Open Banking and expanding their payment options to reach out to their team. By leveraging the power of Open Banking and embracing innovative solutions, merchants can enhance their payment offerings and stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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