Eerie Hauntings of The Andrew Jackson Hotel Linked to the Yellow Fever Epidemic

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Guests frequently report the sounds of youthful laughter and footsteps running down hallways when no one is there. It’s both chilling and heart-wrenching.”

— Sidney Smith

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/ — Sidney Smith, the renowned owner of Haunted History Tours in New Orleans, delves into the unsettling history and hauntings of the famed Andrew Jackson Hotel. This iconic French Quarter establishment is notorious for its paranormal activity, which is often attributed to victims of the yellow fever epidemic that swept through New Orleans in the 19th century.

“The Andrew Jackson Hotel is not just a hallmark of Southern architecture; it’s a landmark saturated with layers of history—both beautiful and haunting,” said Sidney Smith. “From tales of laughter of unseen children to objects moving on their own, the hotel serves as a lingering testament to the lives lost during the yellow fever epidemic.”

A Backdrop Steeped in History

The Andrew Jackson Hotel is located in the heart of the French Quarter, a district replete with centuries-old architecture and history. The hotel itself is named after Andrew Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans and the seventh President of the United States. However, the building’s past has a darker side. It was once the site of a boys’ boarding school, many of whose students fell victim to the Yellow Fever epidemics that intermittently plagued the city between the late 18th and early 20th centuries.

The Yellow Fever Connection

Yellow fever was a devastating disease with a high fatality rate. Epidemics would appear with little warning and decimate large segments of the population. New Orleans was hit particularly hard, and in the years when the boarding school was operational, many children died painful, isolated deaths within its walls.

“The souls of these innocent children seem to have become a part of the very fabric of the hotel,” Sidney Smith commented. “Guests frequently report the sounds of youthful laughter and footsteps running down hallways when no one is there. It’s both chilling and heart-wrenching.”

Accounts from Guests and Staff

Both guests and staff have reported instances of paranormal activity, which range from innocuous to downright unsettling. While some accounts involve playful pranks like flickering lights and mysteriously moved objects, others speak of seeing apparitions of children and hearing their giggles in empty rooms.

“There’s a benevolent, if somewhat mischievous, energy at play here,” Smith noted. “We have to remember, these spirits were once children who led lives cut short by a tragic disease. Their playful activities might very well be their way of reclaiming the youth they lost.”

Why The Hauntings Matter

The stories of the Andrew Jackson Hotel not only entertain those looking for a brush with the supernatural but also serve a deeper purpose. They offer a gateway into the understanding of New Orleans’ multifaceted history, blending folklore, history, and tragedy into a narrative that commands respect and reflection.

“The spirits of the Andrew Jackson Hotel remind us to respect our past, both the beautiful and the horrifying aspects of it. In acknowledging these hauntings, we pay homage to the lives lost and acknowledge the resilience of a city that has endured so much,” concluded Sidney Smith.

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