Indian Experience redefines the travelling experience with new tour packages

Indian Experience

Indian Experience redefines the travelling experience with new tour packages

Indian Experience redefines the travelling experience with new tour packages

With customised and personalised tour packages to the Taj Mahal, the Indian Experience is ready to take over the summers again.

We still have a long way to go, but I believe with our hard work, we will establish ourselves even better andsoar to new heights of success.”

— Duni C. Rana

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, March 12, 2024 / — A dream turned reality; that’s what Indian Experience is. “From just a thinking to a business. It was definitely a long road. Along the way, I met many good people, some not so much. But here we are, and that’s life. If you want to be somewhere to achieve something, you have to start working for it.” said Duni C. Rana, the founder of Indian Experience. Led by an experienced traveller himself, Indian Experience has captured the hearts of many who like to wander off on rugged sands, snow-clad mountains or crystal clear waters.

The post-pandemic era has generated a new trait in the people, i.e. travelling. With more than a million people seeking to travel, each month clearly shows that this industry is going to rise. Among thousands of travel agencies and companies, Indian Experience is paving the way to becoming the best in the industry.

With 25+ years of experience in the travel sector, Indian Experience has been accommodating customised and personalized trips to India, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. They have on-ground experts, tour guides, and operators all over India who aid them in delivering the best experience to their clients.

These travel enthusiasts also help businesses and brands forge a genuine bond with their employees through their corporate group tours, team-building activities and incentive tours that are curated specifically in accordance with the requirements. Alongside having an extensive range of 1000+ destinations, the company also caters to all the needs of travellers, whether it’s an organisation, educational institution or a family, and every squad is treated with full hospitality and pleasure.

“The warmth and hospitality we experienced with Indian Experience made us feel like we were part of an extended Indian family. Their local hosts and guides went above and beyond to ensure our comfort.” Laura, a traveller, shared her experience with Indian Experience.

In a world where societal issues are climbing at their peak and have impacted consumers’ behaviour, value systems, and attitudes, escapism is on the rise. This need of people has pushed them to travel more and more but with a more economical mindset, leading to the creation of a new segment called backpacking or one day trips, which are the major source of immense boost in the travel industry. Research and statistics are showing that these numbers are only going to rise.

This cohort is known for backpacking trips, where they literally go with the flow. Not being a devotee of too much luxury and comfort, this set likes to work things out within their budget and time. That’s why one day tours have gained significant popularity in the last few years. Indian Experience identified this need of theirs and came up with exciting tour packages to vow their clients. One of the most popular being – Agra Tour Packages.

New travel packages by the company include day trips, which are the firm’s new crown. These packages have exclusive itineraries that introduce travellers to the culture and heritage of the place, making it a memorable experience. Fond of travelling and proud of its packages, this travel cult expresses its belief in truth through its transparent pricing with no room for hidden charges. Alongside the intensive knowledge, the commendable planning and hospitality of the Indian Experience are things that its clients have been praising since the beginning. With more than 5000+ satisfied clients, the company believes it’s going to get even better with the plans that they have for the future.

Specialising in offbeat places and adventure travels, the organisation likes to offer wellness retreats on demand to make the experience even more holistic. They also keep things budget-friendly, making the travelling experience tension-free for their consumers. This leading travel company is planning to expand its roots all around the world and create a global presence that can be remembered for generations to come.

Adolf, one of the travellers, says, “The meticulous planning by Indian Experience made our vacation seamless. From arranging local guides to suggesting hidden gems, their attention to detail ensured we experienced India in all its glory.”

“There is nothing more satisfying than seeing more than 50% of our customers book with us again. That’s the kind of connection we aim to forge and make that number turn into a solid 100%.” is what the founder of the Indian Experience shared when asked what makes him keep going on his journey of redefining the travelling experience for the people.

Set to design the future of travel, the firm is building up with technology. Prioritising both real-life and online experience, the company collaborated with Dart Digital, a web development firm, to create a website that’s both consumer and employee-centric. Their new website saves both time and money via its efficient booking, communication and 24/7 chat support.

Whether it’s the last minute changes or inquiries, Indian Experience takes care of it all. With their real-time packages, availability and pricing, these experts help consumers make well-informed decisions.

In the hustle to build the business, Indian Experience hasn’t left the hand of nature. Instead, these futuristic travellers are threading eco-friendly tours by being mindful of their carbon footprint to support and make people aware of sustainable living and travel. The firm also hopes to build on the same values and interests in the future.

Indian Experience is a leading travel company in India that aims to redefine the travelling experience for people who love to travel. The company has satisfied its consumers with its extensively knowledgeable guides and efficient operators for over two decades.

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