Lilidorei to Treat Visitors to a Host of Frights and Delights this Halloween
Lilidorei to Treat Visitors to a Host of Frights and Delights this Halloween

Halloween at Lilidorei, The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland

From 29th September – 5th November, The Alnwick Garden’s fantastical play village, Lilidorei, will be introducing new lighting and sound effects for Halloween.

ALNWICK, NORTHUMBERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 18, 2023/ — Fantastical play village, Lilidorei at The Alnwick Garden, Northumberland, is getting ready to elevate its enchantment to spine-tingling heights this Halloween.

From 29th September until 5th November, Lilidorei will be introducing new lighting and sound effects, specifically designed to infuse the village with an eerie, mystical atmosphere. As visitors venture through the winding paths around the clan houses, they will be greeted by spooky, glowing lights, smoke machines, and haunting sounds, aimed to send shivers down the spines of those who dare to venture forth.

The new Halloween transformation, which is suitable for children and adults alike, will provide an alternative festive immersive experience for visitors, transporting them into another side of the clan’s lives, adding a new layer of intrigue.

Children are encouraged to dress up in Halloween outfits and go Trick or Treating with the Secret Keepers, and the best photographs taken beside their favourite clan house will be judged to win family tickets to visit at Christmas.

The first session (10am-3pm) is suitable for smaller children (not too scary) and the second session (3.30pm-8pm) will be more suited to the bold and the brave.

The brainchild of the Duchess of Northumberland, Lilidorei was created to be a magical land filled with clan houses, secret sounds, and visual attractions.

The Duchess said: “The subtle transformation of Lilidorei into a Halloween wonderland serves as a testament to our talented staff to adapt and evolve to unlock new secrets and sights for visitors. The interplay of spooky lighting and haunting sounds for Halloween aims to captivate our guests with an exciting experience of fright and fantasy.

“The audible tapestry of creaks, howls, and mysterious murmurs will provide a fitting soundtrack to seamlessly blend with the overall atmosphere of Lilidorei, and I am thrilled to introduce a different element of intrigue and imagination at such a fun time of year.”

While the Halloween additions lend a festive touch to the already enchanting venue, they will be delicately balanced so as not to overwhelm children or detract from the inherent charm that visitors have become accustomed to since its launch in May 2023.

The Duchess’s idea behind Lilidorei was to encourage children to step away from their screens and get outside to create their own narrative. With the help of the ‘Secret Keepers’, children can explore the magical world of nine clans made up of Sprites, Elves, Fairies, Pixies, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Trolls, Dwarves, and Squiffles, who all live together under the ruling of Lord Elfwin – King of Lilidorei.

Presale tickets are available now and can be bought here

*Lilidorei at Halloween

Peak Halloween play sessions

Fridays and Saturdays from 29th September to Saturday 4th November and every day during the October school half term holiday: Friday 27th October to Saturday 4th November

2 sessions per day: 10am to 3pm and 3.30pm to 8pm

Including Free Fridays during term time (100 children per 2 hour session)

Capacity limit 650 per session

Off peak Halloween play sessions

Sunday to Thursdays, from Sunday 1st October to Sunday 5th November

Open 10am to 5pm daily

Can book paid school visits during sessions, max 100 per 2 hour session.

Capacity limit 750 (open all day)

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