Lugana DOC Makes A Splash in NYC, Dallas, Houston, and Miami

Fabio Zenato & Wanda Mann in New York City

Edoardo Peduto, Director of the Consorzio Lugana, greeting guests in Miami

Speaker, Lorenzo Giappichelli, presenting to the Dallas attendees

27 wineries from the Lugana region of Italy tour major US cities for ‘Destination Lugana’ campaign

The US has emerged as a destination for Lugana wines, which seamlessly integrate into diverse international experiences.”

— Edoardo Peduto, Director of the Consorzio Lugana

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2024 / — Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC concluded its ‘Destination Lugana’ US tour in mid-May, engaging wine wholesale buyers and press in New York City, Dallas, Houston, and Miami.

The tour engaged about 200 buyers and journalists in person, while an audience of hundreds of thousands more was exposed to the campaign thanks to attendees sharing their experiences on social media. Attendees learned about the versatility of Lugana wines through food pairings and guided tastings that emphasized the varied expressions of the Turbiana grape and the distinctive qualities of this lesser-known wine region.

The name of the tour, ‘Destination Lugana,’ reflects a dual significance of Lugana as an exquisite Italian wine destination, and the US as a destination for Lugana. While some Lugana wines already have distribution in the United States, this tour also featured producers who have yet to establish a presence in the US market. As a result of strong attendance by wholesale buyers, several producers garnered interest and new distribution opportunities.

This tour featured esteemed speakers from the wine industry in each city. In New York City on the Ci Siamo terrace, wine writer and presenter Wanda Mann introduced the Lugana Consorzio and its wines to local press and trade. In Dallas and Houston, Lorenzo Giappichelli, a Florence-born, Texas-based sommelier, spoke at events held at Terra at Eataly Dallas and The Texas Wine School in Houston. In Miami, journalist Jacqueline Coleman spoke at Lugana events for press and trade at Casadonna and The Miami Culinary Institute, respectively.

Lugana DOC is situated on the southern shores of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake, which was formed by glacial activity more than 10,000 years ago. It is one of the few wine denominations that spans two provinces, Brescia and Verona, and two regions, Lombardy and Veneto. The area’s limestone-rich soil is packed with mineral salts, creating ideal conditions for Turbiana, the indigenous grape of Lugana. The lake’s breezes, known as the Peler, the cold night wind from the north, and the Ora, the warm daily wind from the south, play a vital role in minimizing disease pressure, ensuring that the vineyards remain relatively disease-free.

The Turbiana grape is extremely versatile for still, sparkling, and full-bodied wines. One of Turbiana’s most important features is its ability to maintain high levels of tartaric acid, which lends freshness to young wines while also giving Reserve wines aging potential of a decade or more. Turbiana has a reputation for ageability since it is inherently high in acidity and planted in mineral-rich, clay-dense soils. There are five styles for Lugana wines, including Spumante, Lugana, Lugana Superiore, Lugana Riserva, and Vendemmia Tardiva.

“The US has emerged as a destination for Lugana wines, which seamlessly integrate into diverse international experiences,” says Edoardo Peduto, Director of the Consorzio Lugana. “From Tex-Mex and BBQ in Texas, to sophisticated rooftop parties in NYC, to Miami’s year-round summer, their versatility reflects the essence of our beautiful region.”

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About the Consorzio Tutela Lugana D.O.C.
The “Lugana” Controlled Denomination of Origin, instituted in 1967, was the first to be awarded this status in Lombardy, as well as one of the very first in Italy as a whole. In order to promote and protect it, the Consortium for the Safeguarding of Lugana was formed, an institute for supervision, defense and promotion that deals above all with protecting and highlighting the qualities of the denomination and its wine.
Its activities are focused with equal energy in two directions: towards the public at large and, within the D.O.C. itself, towards the producers themselves. In the former case, the Consortium is constantly busy communicating and promoting the Lugana brand by participating in the most important fairs in Italy and abroad, as well as organizing events aimed at making the image and the quality of Lugana better known by the general public and wine trade professionals alike.

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