Mopak Announces New Backpack Line Launch and Kickstarter Campaign in Response to Increasing Travel Demand

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Mopak to unveil innovative backpacks in Aug, targeting the surging travel market with a Kickstarter campaign. #TravelGear #MopakInnovation

“Our new line redefines travel comfort & style, inspired by our community’s feedback and the latest travel trends.” – Ryan Peng, Marketing Director, Mopak”

— Ronnie Lau

GLENDALE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2024 / — Mopak is gearing up for an exciting August with the launch of a new backpack line, planning a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring their innovative designs directly to the public. This strategic move comes on the heels of a successful year marked by widespread acclaim during major shopping events such as Black Friday, Christmas, and the UK’s Jan Dry. Mopak’s popularity has soared, with sales surpassing 50,000 backpacks in just a few months, highlighting the brand’s growing appeal among global customers.

The timing for this launch could not be more opportune. According to a report by Publituris, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has noted a significant recovery in the international tourism sector, projecting that it could return to nearly 90% of its pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2023. The third quarter of 2023 alone saw a 22% increase in international tourists at global destinations compared to the same period last year.

Mopak’s decision to introduce a new product line and engage with customers through Kickstarter is a testament to the brand’s innovative spirit and its commitment to catering to the needs of travelers in a rapidly recovering tourism landscape. This initiative not only reflects Mopak’s adaptability to market trends but also positions the brand to further capitalize on the resurgent interest in travel, promising to bring fresh, functional, and fashionable solutions to adventurers around the world.

Mopak’s design team has received positive feedback from customers on the Mopak backpack, with several key suggestions emerging:

Versatile Medium-sized Backpack: Customers are interested in a backpack around 30L-35L, suitable for pairing with larger luggage for medium to long travels of 7-14 days. This backpack should also accommodate a 16oz water bottle and ideally feature a hidden pocket for easy passport access, enhancing convenience for travelers.

Expanded Wanderer Sling: There’s a demand for a Wanderer Sling Plus, approximately 30%-40% larger than the current model. The Wanderer Sling, priced at only $59, fits a 12oz water bottle and has 15 different pockets. However, 30% of its users have expressed a need for a larger version to comfortably fit 16oz Yeti or other water bottles.

Mopak Tote Series: Informed by Mopak’s marketing director, Ryan Peng, the design director is keen on creating a tote bag that can hold 12-16oz water bottles, includes flexible side pockets, and has 5-6 internal dividers. This focus on organized and scientific classification within the bag reflects a broader trend towards popular, functional tote designs.

Mopak’s brand director emphasizes that the brand aspires to deliver more than just travel-centric value; they aim to inspire a positive mindset and motivate an adventurous spirit among their customers. The motto “Keep the Momentum Rolling” reflects not just the brand’s sunny disposition but also a call to action, especially in a post-pandemic world where remote work has become the norm. This shift has led to increased instances of depression due to reduced social interactions and outdoor activities. Mopak encourages everyone, especially those working from home, to venture outdoors, embrace nature, or engage in more physical activities, fostering well-being and a sense of adventure.

Let’s look forward to Mopak bringing new excitement to travelers worldwide, offering not just products, but also a source of positive energy and an encouragement to live boldly and explore more.

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