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How Nevada’s Retired First Responders Can Bolster Railroad Safety

The call to service doesn’t end with retirement. With the RAT PACK, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter.”

— Rich Gent

RENO, NEVADA, USA, June 23, 2023/ — In an innovative move to enhance Nevada’s rail safety, the state’s retired first responders are stepping up to the plate. With a wealth of experience in public safety and emergency response, these veterans are transitioning into a novel and essential role – ensuring the safety and integrity of Nevada’s railroads.

Under the umbrella of the Washoe County Sheriff Office’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the formation of the Rail Auxiliary Team, also known as the RAT PACK, represents a pioneering step in railway security. This unique initiative specifically targets the railroads in Washoe and Storey Counties, leveraging the extensive backgrounds and expertise of retired first responders.

However, the role of the RAT PACK is multifaceted and goes beyond the physical monitoring of railroads and trains. The team members actively contribute to safety measures through the dissemination of education and implementation of reporting methods designed to reduce or eliminate train/trespasser incidents. They serve as a crucial force multiplier, effectively bridging the gap between community and security and positioning the counties a step ahead of potential threats.

To equip these professionals for their new roles, the retired first responders undergo comprehensive training modules tailored to the nuances of railroad safety and security. This detailed curriculum covers a broad range of topics, such as general rail safety, basic railroading, and legal issues surrounding railroad property. One unique aspect of the training involves a deep dive into the history of rails in asymmetric warfare. This study provides valuable insights into how adversaries have historically targeted railroads and anticipates the potential threats rail systems could face in the contemporary context.

In addition to the intensive on-site training, the RAT PACK members can access 16 hours of rail-specific training designed specifically for citizens or rail watch groups. These resources are easily accessible via computer-based instruction and streaming video, offering a flexible and convenient learning model that accommodates individual paces and preferences.

The innovative approach adopted by the RAT PACK not only equips retired first responders with a new set of skills but also provides a practical, comprehensive solution to maintaining the safety of Nevada’s railroads. These professionals continue to serve their communities in their new roles, working closely with railroad asset protection and security forces to preserve the integrity of Nevada’s vital rail infrastructure.

Yet, the concept of harnessing the experience of retired first responders for community betterment is not entirely novel. However, its innovative application in rail safety monitoring is proving to be a game-changer. This initiative not only enhances the security of the rail system but also allows these veterans to extend their service, making their retirement years meaningful and productive.

The potential for broader application of this model is substantial, offering a blueprint for replication in other states and industries. It showcases the power of experience and knowledge transfer for community well-being and safety enhancement. As their dedicated work in their new roles is applauded, the unwavering commitment of Nevada’s retired first responders to safety and service becomes evident. Thus, their retirement years become a testament to continued service, enhancing the security of Nevada’s railroads and underscoring their dedication to the community.

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