Safari Portal Debuts New Calendar-based Itinerary Builder for Worldwide Travel

Safari Portal 2.0’s Itinerary builder with New Calendar View

Safari Portal 2.0 Helps Travel Professionals Save Time and Deepen Customer Relationships While Scaling their Business

With Safari Portal 2.0, we’re helping travel professionals meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring every traveler has an unforgettable, stress-free journey.”

— Rachel West

JUPITER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2023/ — Safari Portal, an innovative travel itinerary builder software and CMS, today announced the release of a major new version of its namesake platform. The latest release introduces new features to help travel professionals provide hyper-personalized service to their high-end traveler clientele. Safari Portal 2.0 has evolved, from its initial roots in the safari industry, and transformed into a powerful solution that deftly meets the distinct needs of travel agents and tour operators who specialize in worldwide travel.

In the modern travel landscape, discerning travelers demand more than generic vacations, seeking hyper-personalized experiences tailored to their unique needs. Travel professionals face the challenge of crafting and presenting customized travel packages that meet these expectations and distinguish their services from competitors. By delivering these bespoke experiences, travel professionals can cultivate enduring customer relationships and drive revenue growth for their business and the travel industry supply chain.

Safari Portal 2.0 enables travel professionals to communicate their own personality and expertise with innovative tools such as world-class imagery and destination content that make creating and presenting customized travel plans stunningly beautiful, efficient, and organized.

Key Features of Safari Portal 2.0’s Itinerary Builder
Safari Portal 2.0 squarely addresses the varying needs of travel planning and is designed to cater to both “properties-led” and “activities-based” travel itineraries. The new release allows the easy creation of activities-based itineraries via a highly intuitive calendar-based interface, with a single page for each day, incorporating activity details easily and efficiently. Key features include:

Improved Usability
– An intuitive calendar interface for easy date modifications.
– Centralized management of activities’ timings that tracks through both the “overview” and the “daily itinerary.”
– Automatic generation of a page for each day of an itinerary.
– The option to show or collapse the details for any given event by default reduces scroll time for longer itineraries.
– Drag and drop individual events or multiple events to a new date or dates with a single click.

Enhanced Visual Presentation
– Clearer presentation with no text over the primary, left-side image.
– Effortless inclusion of room specifications and meal plans from the Details tab, accessible with a single click and displayed across both the Overview and daily itinerary pages.
– Color coding of categories (flights, lodging, etc.) on an itinerary calendar to reference at a glance and ensure all details are covered.

Advanced Integrations
-Seamless integration of flight details, pulled directly from the flight search API, into each itinerary level.

“Safari Portal 2.0 is easier and more flexible to use than ever before, helping travel agents and professionals quickly create comprehensive, visually inspiring travel plans,” said Rachel West, co-founder and CEO of Safari Portal. “With Safari Portal 2.0, we’re helping travel professionals meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring every traveler has an unforgettable, stress-free journey. We continue to innovate our platform to further the trust between travel professionals and their guests so that travelers can feel confident with every trip detail.”

Safari Portal 2.0 is available immediately. The company’s “Classic Safari Portal” will continue to be available, offering users the choice between the new “Calendar” builder mode and the Classic version for optimum customization to fit every unique planning style. A video of Safari Portal is available here. Safari Portal 2.0 is set to redefine the standards in travel planning, delivering a time-efficient, user-friendly toolset that lets travel professionals provide personalized, value-added service with confidence and ease.

About Safari Portal
Safari Portal, the Florida-based, privately-held innovator in travel tech, delivers a groundbreaking CMS and itinerary builder platform that transforms the design of personalized, immersive digital travel experiences. The award-winning platform is designed to support travel professionals, including travel agents, tour operators, Destination Management Companies (DMCs), meeting and event planners, and hospitality professionals. Safari Portal has prioritized user experience and customer support, earning widespread recognition and sparking significant growth. Interested parties can visit to learn more about the future of travel planning.

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