Terrifier 2 Stars Return To Abracadabra NYC for Exclusive Fan Event

David Howard Thornton and Amelie McLain, along with Leone Returns To Abracadabra from Terrifer 2

Abracadabra NYC Storefront

Abracadabra NYC Storefront

Inside Abracadabra NYC

Inside Abracadabra NYC

For the first time, Damien Leone’s Terrifier, Abracadabra NYC will see the return of stars David Howard Thornton and Amelie McLain, along with Leone himself

Dave and I are thrilled to be back at Abracadabra: the birthplace of Art’s now infamous sunflower glasses.”

— Damien Leone

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — On October 6th, 2022, the theatrical release of Terrifier 2 brought the silent, grinning grease-painted menace of Art The Clown to the big screen. It also famously brought up lunch for half the audience.

The character of Art was first introduced in the movie’s straight-to-streaming predecessor, Terrifier (2016). While the movie initially received mixed reviews, critics praised David Howard Thornton’s memorable portrayal of Art, as well as the gruesome practical effects created by director Damien Leone. It soon reached cult status, and the ensuing ambition of the sequel resulted in a box office hit.

Where Is This Historic Event Taking Place?

On May 19th, 2023, it was announced on Abracadabra NYC’s Instagram that they would be hosting director Damien Leone, Art The Clown actor David Howard Thornton, Little Pale Girl actor Amelie McLain and Johnath Davis (Ricky the Cashier) to sign autographs and offer photo opportunities with the characters from Friday July 21st (6pm-10pm EST) to Saturday July 22nd (12pm-6pm EST) 2023.

Record Pre-Sale Tickets Claimed Once Little Pale Girl’s First Public Appearance In Character Was Announced

“I was shocked after our initial announcement of The Pale Girl being here in character. It’s something the fans will go crazy over!” stated Brian Clark, owner of Abracadabra NYC. “I’m excited to bring back the entire crew to the store. It was a joy the first time around.” Over a third of the pre-sale tickets were claimed within less than an hour of the event page going live.

Ticket holders for the July 21st event will have the opportunity to get their picture taken with Thornton and McLain, who will be in full makeup and costume as their respective characters, Art The Clown and Little Pale Girl. For those coming July 22nd, both actors and the director will appear as themselves for autographs and table selfies. Notably, this will be McLain’s first public appearance as The Little Pale Girl.

When asked, Damien explained, “Dave and I are thrilled to be back at Abracadabra: the birthplace of Art’s now infamous sunflower glasses. We never imagined that scene would result in such a popular Art the Clown image but we sure had a blast filming it in such an iconic location! We look forward to returning to the scene of crime and giving fans an ultimate Terrifier experience!” David also replied, “I’m looking forward to going back to where we made cinematic magic happen. I’ll try not to leave such a bloody mess this time though.”

What Is The Terrifier 2 Movie?

Gleefully leaning even further into its signature gory antics and affectionate nostalgia for 80’s horror movies, Terrifier 2 was widely commended for its “creative kills” and performances. Art’s new accomplice, a chilling, similarly dressed apparition known only as the Little Pale Girl, was also well received. Following the success of the film, it was announced that the original Terrifier will be screened in select theaters in NYC and across the country starting June 19th, 2023 to coincide with the in-person appearance with, a third installment is slated to be released in late 2024.

The bloody dismemberment of a Halloween store cashier in one scene (followed by a scene of Art posing with the severed head among animatronic clowns to fool window shoppers) introduced audiences to Abracadabra NYC, a real life multi-level costume superstore. It was used as both a shoot location and a setting for several scenes, which prompted fans to seek it out upon learning it was a real place. Since then, the iconic store has become an unofficial tourist attraction for horror enthusiasts; an association that’s been fully embraced by the staff.

How Can You Reserve Autograph Event Times?

Tickets are currently still available with an RSVP, and must be purchased with cash the day of. Free reservations can be made via the store’s official website blog. https://blog.abracadabranyc.com/event-terrifier-2-signing-photo-ops-at-abracadabra-nyc

Who Is Abracadabra NYC?

First opened in 1981, Abracadabra NYC describes itself as “the most unique store in the heart of NYC”, offering a wide variety of costumes, accessories, apparel, props, rentals, magic, makeup, collectibles, and novelties. They frequently supply costumes and props to shows such as The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, and the flagship store is notorious for being the ultimate Halloween destination, with lines seen wrapping all the way around the block each October. This year, they are pleased to announce they are taking part in the highly anticipated New York’s 50th Annual Village Halloween Parade.

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