HATCH unveils latest aquaculture accelerator cohort

The participants in Hatch Blue’s fifth accelerator program

Wayne Murphy, co-founder and managing partner of Hatch, addressing the new cohort at NELHA

HATCH Blue has released the details of the 10 startups selected for its fifth aquaculture accelerator program.

KAILUA KONA, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The program, which kicked off on 26 June and runs until 28 September, will feature companies from sectors including nutrition, genetics, health, ocean conservation and the wider aquaculture supply chain. The 10 companies are based in – and have a particular focus on applications in – North America and Southeast Asia and focus on species including shrimp, seaweed, salmon, marine plants and ornamental fish.

“We are very excited to finally kick off this year’s cohort in Hawaii. This year’s accelerator was as always incredibly competitive in terms of applications and the selection process was challenging, given the number of quality companies vying for a slot on the program. That said, a significant point of interest regarding this year’s cohort is that we have already worked with 50 percent of the selected companies through our Global Innovation Studios, which reinforces our strategy of working with earlier stage ventures and bringing them to a stage of investor readiness. We are looking forward to seeing how the companies develop over the next few months, as they are immersed in the global aquaculture community,” said Wayne Murphy, co-founder and managing partner of Hatch.

Taking place over 14 weeks, the accelerator program will combine online and in-person activities. Within this period participants will spend two-and-a-half weeks in Hawaii, 10 days in Norway, and 10 days combined between Singapore and Vietnam. This structure offers them valuable opportunities to meet with, and learn from, an international selection of experts and investors. Between these visits, online events and activities will be scheduled.

Hatch will initially invest $150,000 – $300,000 in each of the ten companies, with the possibility of follow-on funding.

The cohort comprises:

GreenSage Prebiotics: is an aquaculture nutrition and feed ingredient company with a breakthrough product, derived from coconuts, that improves the health of shrimp and salmon.

Halophilic Marine Agriculture: aims to cultivate salt-tolerant plants (Salicornia) and seaweeds in disused shrimp ponds and marine hydroponic systems.

Blue Pond Group: is a Singaporean company with operations in South East Asia that use seaweed extracts to control EHP/WFS in shrimp and other diseases in different aquatic species with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and the empowerment of small- and medium-sized seaweed farmer communities.

Pacific Hybreed: is developing Pacific oyster and Manila clam seed optimized for specific growing conditions. They aim to contribute to the growth and resilience of the shellfish aquaculture industry along the west coast of North America.

EcoHarvest: a hatchery technology developer that enables precision feeding, monitoring and control of the larval rearing environment in the culture of ornamental and food fish species.

HEDROS BIO: has developed a precision aquaculture platform technology that leverages bacteriophage-based solutions to replace antibiotics. It initially aims to develop a product to counter AHPND in shrimp.

Coast 4C: is currently building the world’s largest supply chain for regenerative seaweeds – initially focusing on trading eucheumatoids for carrageenan production – catering to off-takers seeking reliable and high quality seaweed, free of contamination.

Living Seas Aquafeeds: has developed a proprietary fermentation process that release the power of bioactive molecules found naturally in seaweeds and marine plants to create a shrimp supplement that improves shrimp health, growth and productivity.

Certified Quality Foods: is developing a device to objectively measure animal health and food quality – digitizing data for business intelligence analysis.

The Crop Project: aims to build an efficient, scalable model for drying and milling kelp, to extend its shelf life and open up new markets for processed kelp in food, beauty, fertilizers and feed.

The program kicked-off at NELHA in Hawaii – a location with world-class research facilities, where Hatch is working closely with Hawaii Science and Technology Park (HOST) to bring through a new generation of blue innovation startups.

Greg Barbour, executive director of NELHA, said: “We are excited to welcome the next Hatch accelerator cohort to the Big Island of Hawaii and to support them in whatever way we can. Each of the previous accelerators has managed to help shape some incredibly capable entrepreneurs and impactful technologies, which have gone on to attract over $100 million in follow-on funding, which is a wonderful testament to the value of the program. I look forward to seeing that level of progress and impact continuing with this year’s cohort and beyond.”

About HATCH Blue

HATCH Blue is an early-stage aquaculture VC that is on a mission to rapidly advance innovation in cultured seafood through investment, expertise and insight. HATCH Blue runs an annual aquaculture startup accelerator for global high potential aquaculture and alternative seafood startups.

HATCH Blue offers customized innovation services to industry, investors and governments through its Innovation Services division.

HATCH Blue has offices in Norway, Singapore and the US and its multinational team is dedicated to making the aquaculture industry and global food production more sustainable.

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