Phileos Evoo Inc Wins Prestigious CIOOC 2023 Gold Award for Quality Olive Oil

The company is renowned for its world-class Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil named Phileos of Sparta.

MONEMVASIA, GREECE, July 3, 2023/ — PHILEOS EVOO INC, a manufacturer of Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is proud to announce that it has been honored with the Gold Award for Quality 2023 from the International Olive Oil Competition – Canada (CIOOC). This prestigious recognition further solidifies Phileos Evoo’s commitment to producing exceptional olive oil.

The name “Phileos” derives from the Greek word for “friend of olive oil,” reflecting the company’s deep-rooted passion and dedication to the production of premium EVOO.

“We are thrilled to receive the Gold Award for Quality 2023 from CIOOC,” said Jim Kokaliaris, President and Founder of the company. “This esteemed recognition validates our commitment to manufacturing high-quality olive oil that exceeds industry standards. We are honored to be recognised as a trusted brand leader in the olive oil segment by both retailers and consumers who know exactly what they are buying when purchasing our EVOO.”

The company is known for its range of premium olive oils, including Traditional, Certified Organic, Early Harvest Agoureleo, and “9” Ultra Premium low acidity EVOO, while its flagship brand, Phileos of Sparta, consistently demonstrates excellence in taste, quality, and health benefits. PHILEOS EVOO aims to consistently surpass international standards for extra virgin olive oil, and guarantee the highest possible production, storage, transportation, testing, and organoleptic requirements.

Additionally, PHILEOS EVOO follows a vertical integration model, ensuring complete control over every stage of the manufacturing process, from branch to bottle. As Kokaliaris points out, this approach distinguishes them from the majority of olive oil brands in the North American market, as it is an actual manufacturer and not a repackager or reseller.

“We strive to make Phileos of Sparta a staple for consumers seeking premium olive oil,” added Kokaliaris. “Our goal is to manufacture the highest-quality EVOO, ensuring it is readily available to health-conscious consumers. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, we can offer unbeatable value without compromising on excellence. Truth be told, if we allowed the market to determine the price of our olive oil, it would cost the consumer double the price to purchase it. Phileos is able to offer unbeatable value because we control the entire process. “

PHILEOS EVOO INC’s Gold Award for Quality 2023 from CIOOC reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing a trusted brand of olive oil to both retailers and consumers. The award-winning Phileos of Sparta olive oil stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to producing extraordinary EVOO that consistently surpasses expectations.

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About the Company

Family-owned, award-winning PHILEOS EVOO INC is a direct manufacturer and distributor of Phileos of Sparta, an Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced by skilled artisan farmers who gather the finest quality olives from family orchards located in the town of Monemvasia, Greece.

With a multi-generation heritage in olive oil production, PHILEOS EVOO INC follows a vertical integration approach, ensuring complete control over the manufacturing process. The company produces olive oils that exceed international standards, delivering exceptional taste, quality, and health benefits.

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